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Hello everyone!


Here are a couple of maps that have been sitting on my computer for almost a year.  They were inspired by N3tRunn3r's map pack before he updated it last.  I kind of liked how maps like 10 to 1 and Secondary Tiberium Impacts had just waaay to much tiberium. 



Overrun is a pretty standard map with several capturable structures. 



Overrun II is a little more unorthodox whereas you start on isolated mountains you can only get off of by helicopter. If you played my map Tiberium Island, you'll know what to do. 


I'm not claiming they're balanced and they're definitely designed to be a pain in the ass so ENJOY! 


(hint: good harvester management is key!)


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Hey MattAttack long time no see! Glad you are still active after some months!  :)

The maps look neat but as you said, Overrun II  will be a pain in the ass because of the tight space and the amount of micro players will have to do with the harvester to create new space but it's still a challenge!  :roll:

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