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[TD] WIP Japanese Construction Yard


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Sorry, I was thinking about it unpacking from an MCV... then realised that it probably wont have one xD

Yeah, not a bad start. It reminds me a lot of the RA1 one though. (see, this is just because I totally expect aweome from you).

What if it actually was more like a yard, closer to the idea of the Dune 2.

Obviously these graphics suck, but it might spring some ideas.

(I feel bad because what you have is just a mock up, and the finished product might be something that I think is awesome!)





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I can barely tell what those images are, sorry White. XD


I did think long and hard about ideas though yeah, going through Bing and through the various Construction Yards of games I own. Most of them generally follow the shed + crane paradigm, so trying to make something new is challenging.


I had an idea of a pivot robot-arm style building, where it was a semi-circle of crates and one cylinder that grabbed objects, but wasn't sure if that would have the affordance of a construction yard.


Is it just me or has the icon for personal messages (offline) changed to White's Stealth Tank?

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Just found it, lol.


I think, Ultimately, it's up to you. Just my 2 cents to say that I think new ideas are cool, and that one just found (minecraft one), looks quite neat.

I don't know all the Jap buildings you have lines up, so maybe you'll have a theme, etc. Like I said, up to you in the end.


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