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Renegade X - Beta 3 will be released on October 8th!


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Following content/quote was written by [NE]Fobby[GEN], a Renegade X Developer at Totem Arts:



Hey guys! It's been a long time since we've had an update, but there's a lot of exciting news that we'd like to share with you today.


Beta 3 is coming out on October 8th!


The long-awaited evolution of Renegade X is coming out in 8 days! After several months of working, testing, and of course, playing our previous beta on the side, we're finally ready to push a new beta build. After beta 3, we will continue working on Renegade X - we've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up for later updates.


So, for Beta 3, you can expect to see the following:


• Brand new Renegade X launcher!

• New map: C&C Volcano

• New items: AT mines and EMP grenades

• New Black Hand character model

• Crash fixes

• New UI features (interactive pause-menu and scoreboard)

• End-game sequences

• Oodles of balance changes and fixes for weapons and vehicles

• New first-person animations for some weapons

• Audio changes (silo capturing is now broadcasted, weapon and vehicle sound changes)

• Texture, LOD, and shader optimizations – game runs much smoother

• TeamDonate command

• Weapon and vehicle reticle changes

• Many glitch fixes

• And much more!


Beta 3 will be available for FREE at http://www.renegade-x.com on October 8th 2014.



What else is up?


We at Totem Arts have been developing Renegade X for over 7 years. In that time, we released several RenX Unreal Tournament 3 alphas, a standalone singleplayer game, and two standalone multiplayer betas. We've come a long way - this game has matured, and so have we. As a free project, it’s difficult to give Renegade X all of the time and attention that it needs to hit its climax in success. Still, we plan to do everything in our power to support our community and empower those who can help us in that goal.


For the next version of Renegade X (after Beta 3), we will be developing several new maps – including remakes of some of our favourite classics – and we will begin working on a new gamemode, which will be discussed at a later time. We realize that our players have dwindled significantly since our February release: we went from having 400-1000 players on at a time to just 40-80 players. You can still catch a good game of Renegade X at almost any part of the day, but we want to have a large, thriving, self-sufficient community.


Perhaps the biggest cause of the population shrink is the crashing, which became too annoying for many people to bear. We believe we have fixed those problems. Another cause was ingame exploits, and we’ve since developed some countermeasures to the use of exploits. A third reason is that C&C mode – which is very different from what gamers are used to nowadays – perhaps did not appeal to some of the newcomers. While many FPS games are based on k/d ratios and capturing flags, Renegade X is about defending and destroying bases, which is radically different from the mainstream. Renegade X is not for everybody, but we are exploring ways to gain new audiences while retaining our roots.


We are a free game, and therefore we do not have an advertising budget. Renegade X relies completely on word-of-mouth, so please do whatever you can to spread the news. Upload a beta mirror, e-mail a gaming site or magazine, record a YouTube video, post about us on reddit and other forums, and be sure to tell your friends! The bigger our playerbase is, the more work we can put into the game.


With that said, we do aspire to become a Steam game, but we cannot do so without EA’s expressed permission. We have been trying to get to the EA licensing manager, but so far unsuccessfully. If you have any ideas on how Renegade X can become a Steam game, post them in the comments! If you know anyone from EA, point them in our direction please!





The new and improved Volcano is complete, and it will be available in Beta 3. Check it out below!




width=1280 height=720http://www.renegade-x.com/pictures/Rx_Volcano_1080p.png[/img]



Black Hand Sniper!


Check out the new Black Hand. Looks a lot better than a painted SBH, right?


width=1280 height=720http://www.renegade-x.com/pictures/Rx_BlackHand_Render.png[/img]



EMP grenades


We’ve added a new purchasable item in Beta 3 that will be available to both GDI and Nod. The EMP grenade is a C4-replacement that freezes the vehicles in its radius for a few seconds. While the vehicles would still have access to their guns, they cannot move as long as the EMP effect remains.



AT mines


The new AT mine is an anti-armour C4-replacement. A player can deploy a maximum of two AT mines, which have the firepower of a remote-C4. However, these mines can be destroyed by enemy weapons.


width=1280 height=720http://www.renegade-x.com/pictures/Rx_EMPGrenade_ATMine_Render.png[/img]



New Tiberium Flechette Model


Capturing a Tiberium Silo gives your team the ability to purchase a Tiberium Flechette. We have created a new model - check it out!


width=1280 height=720http://www.renegade-x.com/pictures/Rx_TiberiumFlechetteRifle_Render.png[/img]





And that is all for today. Be sure to download Beta 3 on October 8th, and to stay tuned for more Renegade X news!


Oh, and by the way, happy Rene-birthday X! September 30th was the day that we released our very first Renegade X alpha for Unreal Tournament 3 back in 2009. So we wish you fun times ahead and many presents to come :)


Stay connected:







Source: http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=74009

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Black Hand is still rather bright red target on the head and center of mass... I really dislike Renegade's shift from TD's urban camo to these fugly anonymous goon red and black super edgy goffik uniforms, and it's a pity they seem to have kept that.

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Hm yeah lol, now I see it too. Those legs and feet are really edgy. They might "fix" it whenever some ppl officially complain about it.. I hope.

The red colors look fine to me, I will play around with some graphics settings on its release day. ^^

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Single Player campaing is available to this release or only with Black Dawn version?

I was wondering the same thing. I know I can always download it just to see for myself, but I'm too lazy :P I prefer sp because mp makes me dizzy :( due to the fact that I tend to look around a whole lot more in mp, which is why I stopped playing Call of Duty and Halo online a while ago.

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Black Hand is still rather bright red target on the head and center of mass... I really dislike Renegade's shift from TD's urban camo to these fugly anonymous goon red and black super edgy goffik uniforms, and it's a pity they seem to have kept that.


Me too.

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Single Player campaing is available to this release or only with Black Dawn version?


Hi there,

a campaign is not yet available to this current Renegade X Beta-3 release but a skirmish mode. In other words: You are able to play the whole mp maps offline with bots included.

IIRC rumors tell that the RenX Devs are going to build up the complete origin Renegade campaign or at least some of these maps to start off.

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