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IE killing me


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i keep getting internal errors got about 5 today. i dont know what to do.

Set graphics settings ingame to medium or low instead of high. They patched the game to default to high level "3" graphics. You are probably getting internal errors from laser turrets shooting while you scroll out of view of them. This only occurs at high level graphics because the lasers have more special effects to them. disruptors have this same problem but less frequently since they arent used as much as laser turrets.

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you are on crack buddy please dont post your bullshit

That's no way to respond to a helpful reply.


There is indeed a known issue in Tiberian Sun with certain calculated animations, like the glow around lasers, the distortion of the disruptor beam, the ion cannon impact ripple effect etc, which crash the game when they're displayed on the very bottom area of the screen.


Changing the graphics level makes the game no longer do certain of these effects, which vastly reduces the chance on these internal errors.

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Ah yes, could be. I'm at work; I don't have TS installed on this PC.


he was being a smart ass maybe in a way but he was being sarcastic so i dont know if he knew what he was talking about or not but where do i turn this down all i see in options is the graphics patch and that is on

Not really. UltATK made a completely intelligently-written post that exactly explained the issue  :huh:

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