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CNC1 Tournament comes?


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uuuh, good question. we havent exactly planned this yet.

i think if 2 players live far away, westwood chat will be the best alternative to CnCNet, because WChat has a faster connection. But you cannot play custom maps thruogh westwood chat so only 1on1 games can be played. To play custom maps thruogh WChat you need to mod a bit and it will be complicated for newbies etc.


i recommend to use CnCNet Client of course!! 6 player games and custom maps are working via the CnCNet Client.

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Yes, Westwood online cannot play homebrews maps, and depending of LAG on game in CnCNet, we ll play on westwood online.

And, someone need to be a spec, for determine who wins, because everybody can say "i win" when he lost.


And... will be on july right?

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