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Mouse flicker and menus not appearing in Red Alert 2 (fixed)



Windows 7, 780 ti, AMD 8350, 64 bit.  Origin versions.


Anyone help?  Never used to have this issue.. and reinstalling does not help.  Only way to combat menu issue is alt tabbing in and out.. and that causes the game to crash more than it does to fix the menu bug.


Edit:  After waking up this morning and feeling a lot better I decided to just surf google.  Found the fix.


http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Command_%26_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2  Go onto this page and scroll down to "Black screen with switchable graphic" and install the file there.  Also, apply the backbuffer fix.


I am now bookmarking pcgamingwiki.

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Hmm. I think one fix for that is to set the game exe files to WinXP Service Pack 3 mode. I think you can also set them to run as admin mode; that's always a safe bet on pre- user right games.


That's RA2.exe and game.exe, and for Yuri's Revenge, RA2MD.exe (or yuri.exe, not sure) and gamemd.exe.


If that's not enough, there's a video on YT that uses a trick to make a virtual screen adapter in Windows to run your game on, which apparently helps a bunch too:


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:(  video guide unfortunately does not help me as I do not have a second graphics card.  I only have the 780 ti and no onboard intel like it suggests.  I also tried those settings on the exes and nothing changed.  I will keep researching, bound to be a fix.


Edit:  I figured it out!  Updated with my fix

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