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Random Nod Pictures

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more work as been done for nod since this picture. (one or two vxls and some more codding)

The sidebar pallet will need changed as it is currently using the GDI sidebar pallet. This will be done soon.


(my goodness i knew it had been a long time but,

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Yea your right, if its possible to allow built light post to do this via map triggers then some special maps and all campain maps will suport it.

What i have done is give it a weapon which bleeps when a unit comes close sensors (MSA, Radars and light towers will all have sensors and the size of the sensors radius varies)


so far i have used them with affect when placed beside firestorm wall segments, when i hear the beep i turn the firestorm wall on giving me time to prepare, etc

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I'm sorry that I'm not going to be able to finish off those cliffs, if you're still using the ones I already gave you, remove them as they're dated and wont be finished off. If I can find the time in my busy schedule to make you a set of beta cliff remakes I'll definitely do it, unfortunately for now I can't promise anything, Sorry.



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