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[Campaign] Discovert Operations for Tiberian Sun 0.2


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Heysa!  8)


That's the second public preview of the my campaign for TS.

TS:DO is intended to have 7 missions where player commands a small commando team for hit-and-run missions. I now created 3 missions from this set.

I changed the rules and removed some of the Sci-Fi-Units and replaced them with a more traditional weaponry as the story should take place in a time earlier than Tiberian Sun.






Download and install TS + hyperpatch.

Extract my files into TS folder.

Start Firestorm and play camapign. Otherwise use the savegames to play separate missions.

Please check if any files are missing.


There are some notable bugs in the temple mission I didn't managed yet:

- when you destroy one of the bridges of the black train path at Act III, game will crash when train tries to move there.

- when ion storm is starting, game crashes. You sometimes can avoid the crash by toggle power of your radar stations.

- Radar Screen is Nod although the player's house is GDI






For lack of time I 'll need a lot of time to complete all of these missions.

But if there is somebody out who wants to build a map or has an old unused map from which I could create one mission - write me!  8)


A planned campaign would consist of these missions:


1 - Unification (snow)

Introduces the C.U.B.E. commando team to the player.


Map: 100%

Mission: 100%

2 - Chemical Disaster (desert)

Enemy uses any types of chemical warheads against the player. same as Nuclear Disaster from Discovert Ops for RA, but with chemical weapons here.

3 - Red vs Blue (desert)

Same type as in DO-RA. two mighty factions fight against each other, you has to capture both bases with your commando team.


Map: 90%

Mission: 75%

4 - Lasercopter (snow)

Destroy a Lasercopter-Prototype. Same as Teslacopter from DO-RA.


Map: 25%

5 - Infiltrated (snow)

Hunt a cloaked chamaeleon spy.

6 - Harvester Hunting (desert)

You have some stealth drones to hunt harvesters.

7 - Temple of the Tiberian Sun (desert)

Final mission you see here.


Map: 75%

Mission: 90%


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A 3-mission mini-campaign beta will be released soon!


TS-Discovert Operations campaign of course came in with lot of additions: New units, new terrain tiles and artwork and many more features!

You'll get a team of commandoes, each has its own abilities.

Until now, I removed some of the Sci-Fi Stuff (Mechs and Cyborgs) to replace them with a more traditional weaponry. Some artwork is still missing, I need some VXL artwork or somebody who is experienced in editing that!


TS mapping seems to be more complicated to handle than RA 1 mapping.

Is there a good tutorial for TS mapping? (binding maps to the game, how to set the FS campaign selection dialogue, edit briefing, scripting, tutorial etc)?



The CUBE Commando Team consists of special trained commandos with different abilities.

- Westwood: He is the strongest of that guys and carries a armor-busting rifle. High damage against tanks and infantry.

- Virgin: Has her sniper rifle and a EMP-gun, which knocks out vehicles and buildings for an amount of time.

- Romulus: He is using a gatling machine-gun (AA and Anti-Infantry) and a web thrower to bound hostile infantry.

- Dune: She is armed with a shotgun and a bazooka. Carries C4-explosives to blow up buildings.

- The Spy: Just a spy. He is cloaked and usually there is a trigger linked, when he has to enter something.


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There are 3 missions now to check out! link is in the first post.

The initial mission is completed. you have to do a sneak-in commando operation and destroy a Nod laboratory. The other two missions are playable but still need some minor improvisations.


- Impressions -



On thin Ice


Tower attack


Trapped in city



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