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RANT : Connection Quality


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Damn stupid mofo thing.


My broadband is 2mbps down, 0.5 up with a nice stable ping. Everything works, games are fast providing people are local(ish) and the world is a happy place.


What hacks me off is randomly I get everything from 'very bad' to 'very good' with no logic at all. This also hacks others off as they assume I'm going to be a lagger. Then you get a game where everyone has a 'very good' connection and it lags like a water pipe in the artic.


So the question is, what the 'f' does it do other than generate a random outcome to pyass me off. It certainly has nothing to do with connection quality.



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With such a slow connection it could very well jump from very bad to very good just by opening a website


Make sure you close all programs that access the internet if you like to avoid the very bad message :)


All the connection test does is a ping test, if your ping is unstable then it would show very bad as result

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