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Basically, it's because of the game's perspective; the turret of the tank, which determines the range in all directions, is placed slightly higher than the whole tank's hitbox. On defense buildings like the Tesla, Obelisk and Advanced Guard Tower this is especially glaring, since they shoot from a whole cell higher than their targetable foundation. This gives them an advantage when attacking units coming from the north, but makes their range one less than it should be against attackers from the south.


It's recently been discussed here:



Ideally, the range of the weapon should be calculated from the middle of the impassable foundation. Strangely, for buildings, there is such a center point in the game; it's what is used for the location on which the actual building graphics are centered, and as spot that units target when attacking the building. My tests in C&C1 have shown that any projectile targeting a building gets infinite range in the area inside the borders of that building, so that units can attack a building from the moment they can attack any edge of it, while in reality their projectiles always fly to that aforementioned center point of the building. This center point, independent from the actual inpassable foundation, is the center of the bare X*Y building dimensions set for that building.


Note that these building sizes are set as number from a list. Specifically, the AGT and Obelisk in C&C1 use building size #2, which means a 1x1 area shifted one cell down. There's no real relation between the number and the dimensions/position. The list just contains all varieties used in the game. I never really looked for the actual offset+dimensions data linked to these indices.

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