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  1. I experimented with this years ago and the AI in RA1's skirmish never builds [GNRL], you would have to modify existing infantry that is buildable.
  2. A mission that was briefly seen in their early trailers has been found to be a leftover inside the beta's mix files but appeared to of been made when missions were split in two files, and the .bin was missing. So with the help of the beta researcher team we had to reconstruct the terrain using screenshots and videos. TaxOwlBear made a "Let's Play" of the mission if you'd like to check it out in video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TcycBJ3fLQ Before and after: Original mission screenshots: Lost Mission Restoration.zip
  3. It just crossed my mind but will you show the mission maps and how are they different?
  4. Sure would love to get a download link for a beta/alpha version of Red Alert.
  5. I say make it optional because if the remasters had mods in the future that added more units I could see it useful Though Retaliation's sidebar was optimized for controllers I did like how they worked the categorized sidebar where the latest unit/building you selected stays selected allowing you to quickly build the same unit you press O or Square on it to select a new one. Of course this feature wouldn't be needed if the units were given shortcut keys.
  6. I highly support queue in the remaster and possibly even tabs like RA2 with scroll wheel support if mods add even more units.
  7. This is about C&C95 and RA1 is it? Well for all the original C&C games I would like higher resolution graphics but keep the buildings, ships, and vehicles faithful to their original designs.
  8. I just got this as well from downloading the latest RA2 CNCNet launcher. Edit: Mental Omega is doing it to me now.
  9. Good work fixing the forum Tore! Now make a separate theme that looks like the glory days of the communication forum please.
  10. Man modern forums suck these days.
  11. Speaking of circular Tore, please change the Avatar shape back to square. It's overused, cuts people's avatars off and looks ugly.
  12. Hmm, I didn't use the white theme. But I still think there should be a C&C95 theme like the old Communication forum. It reminded me of the old monitors that was displayed in black and green.
  13. Yes I do miss the C&C95 look and feel from the Communication forums.
  14. Sad to see you go but I wish you great luck with whatever you move on to. I hope to see you hang around the forums and don't forget to write me if you want to play more Poly with me! We're grateful for your work and everyone else building and upgrading cncnet!
  15. I added rocks outside your boarder and the heavies and v2's seem to come in correctly. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ua8nkjpxbgqlnp4/DEFHARD.mpr Still figuring out your other problems. Edit: I have no idea about Ukraine not repairing itself since you set the IQ to 5 and I noticed MaxIQ=5 in mission settings and IQ=5 in the [General] section. Is this part of the online co-op style missions with SP AI? If so then I'm lost on that since I never made a online co-op mission.
  16. I tried to download your file to see if I could tinker with it on RAED myself but it's giving me a error... Try to re-upload it maybe? Edit:I fixed it by shortening the file name. It turns out RAED cannot load maps with very long file names.
  17. If tanks are getting stuck outside the map then aren't you using a 126x126 map? If so try reducing team types to smaller amount of tanks. I usually get reinforcement problems on large maps like that and use smaller separate reinforcements rather then one large team. I don't know about the others yet.
  18. The Chronosphere's charge up sound has a high pitch whine similar to the Junkers Ju 87's siren which is a very old stock sound effect used many times in many cartoons and shows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCB8ZVxKqyI The start of 0:27 kind of sounds like the charge up but either somebody at WW or whoever they bought the sound effects from touched it up. But really I don't know.
  19. I've seen your name before as well. Renalert/APB days maybe? Anyway it's good to see you!
  20. Nyerguds really needs to fix reinforced weaponless Gun Boats so custom missions can do this.
  21. Speaking of quality I never understand why Frank Klepacki never gives us a complete soundtrack for all the C&C games he composed for, especially the Red Alert soundtrack CD that didn't even include Fogger!
  22. I'm no good at balancing and don't have much to contribute but it would be nice to somewhat give GDI more early game protection and give Nod better late game protection like stronger light tanks or something. Just have Nod still rely on numbers and fast units to win.
  23. Just a suggestion but it would be nice to have a new C&C95 theme that looks like the old C&C Communication Center forum this has replaced.
  24. Good work Nyerguds! Now we need a full blown unit editor for the game.
  25. Every time I try to download it says ''Failed'' and can't use it. O_o
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