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SOme of the weird gaming nicknames


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I have seen nicknames like that also amongst the Tiberian Sun players. The first two you listed likely come from younger players trying to compensate for what they seem to lack.


What I find more interesting is players that create multiple nicknames for whatever reason and players that create nicknames to try to impersonate other players. Why do some players feel the need for 20 nicknames?


But with a name like Spo0kyCow, I should probably be on your list of weird nicknames.  ;)

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I totally agree that Spo0kyCow (and the rest of the Spo0ky clan), certainly deserve to be on the list of weird names lol  :P


the thing is though your previous names remain on the system, so if one day you login with a different name, when people check who you are ALL your previous names are listed to them. So its difficult to hide.

Is there an overwhelming reason to hide on CnCNet?
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