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  1. I think we should leave that question to the developers of the game, who included this feature into the game, or at the very least to those who play it, but thanks for your input.
  2. Tiberian Sun. I think that one can be filed under "patching and cheat fixing" O_o Did you catch this part of what I posted when you quoted and replied to me? Now you try to turn this into a debate. sigh . . . The majority think this is NOT a glitch but that was not even the point to my post and should not be debated here. It was to educate you that the game can act differently on CnCnet than on XWIS or Westwood for that matter. In fact, it is the changes that brings people to play here in the first place. Save the debate on "patches and cheats" for another thread. Do you even play Tiberian Sun Nyerguds? Never mind, Please don't reply. It will just take this farther from the topic of this thread. Let's stay on point shall we? The larger point is that kaizen posted a tip that randomly rotates in the game about putting engies in a teammates sub and that you can use that to come back to life and it is incorrect and should be removed from the tip rotation because it no longer works like it did before, which personally, I think is a good thing. The focus of this thread is to offer tips that rotate in the game and making sure the tips are accurate in regards to what tips new players may see when entering games, or at least that was my interpretation of it.
  3. I know this is a dumb question equivalent to tech support asking if your printer is plugged in but, did you download the game from CnCnet.org? Also, make sure you do not open Tiberian Sun then start a game from the CnCnet game chat lobby. Finally this part is confusing me. Which buttons do you speak of?
  4. Tiberian Sun First, I want to thank FunkyFr3sh and his team for this tips feature. Very helpful for newer players (and some older ones)! Not being able to allie back to your team when your base is killed but you have engineers in a teammate's sub is not the only difference I have noticed on CnCNet in Tiberian Sun. This behavior could possibly be a side effect of change #2 listed below instead of short game being off but I have not had the time to test that yet and I wanted to point it out specifically because I have seen it in the tips when I have joined a game lobby. Honestly I think the changes I list below are improvements to the game. A few others changes in the game I have noticed: 1. In the past, if your EMP cannon was fully charged and you saw the enemy coming to destroy it, on both Westwood and XWIS, you could quickly turn the power off, essentially placing the EMP on hold before it gets destroyed. When you built another one (or already have it building) and placed it, it would be fully charged and could immediately be fired at the enemy. Now it has to fully charge again regardless if you turned off the power or not. Some argued this was a glitch. I am not posting this for a debate on this but only because I noticed it does not work on CnCNet. 2. In the past, if someone left the game without surrendering then someone else broke allies then re-allied, the computer would then attack the players it was previously allied with. This does NOT happen in CnCnet, which is a GOOD thing as it does not ruin the game for those left playing. 3. A rather nice recent update to Tiberian Sun is when a player goes to quit, he no longer has the option to just leave but only has two choices, surrender or return to the game. This only used to be the case in tournament games. There are probably one or two more changes I have missed but so far these are the ones I can think of so no, they are not just online systems if you mean that in regards to just the chat lobby being new, there was some reverse engineering that was involved to the games, if I am not mistaken, that made some fundamental changes to how the games themselves behave. Either that or I am going crazy. :O
  5. Spo0kyCow

    Visc Maps

    mo0! Nice catch. I remember that game! But don't presume to know what maps I play where and when. I play all maps, including Firestorm maps. Variety is the spice of life!
  6. Tiberian Sun: This does not work on CnCNet like it did on Westwood and XWIS. While you can grab your teammate's MCV with the engies after your base is killed, you will NOT be able to ally back to your teammates. For this reason this should NOT be included in the tips for Tiberian Sun.
  7. Signatures are for noobs. They are redundant and take up unnecessary space. Ohhhh, look at me. I have a signature. It says the same thing over and over and makes you scroll farther to get to the good content.
  8. The mod map crew? LOL. Get a clue. It would be nice if people learned to play both kinds of maps as it is learning the game in general and what units are strong against others that is important to attack and defend properly. I'm sure being exposed to mod maps first will not interfere with your training but only make it easier. Then all you have to worry about teaching them is economy. Its ironic how Westwood map players drive new players away with their crappy egotistic attitudes. WW only map players restrict themselves from fully enjoying all aspects of the game. Both kinds of maps take different skills and teamwork. It sure beats playing Forest Fires and Terrace for 16 years then running around calling modders noobs. What a joke. Honestly I think WW only map players need to STFU until they have played every WW map on both Tib Sun and Firestorm along with a large number of mod maps. Only then can you call yourself a well rounded player. For those brave enough to play mod maps and WW maps without picking one side or the other, I salute you! You know who you are. I do pity the eFuddies of the world.
  9. (7) [05:49 PM] <amokk> you better eat a big breakfast you got a long day ahead of you ROFL - I love this reply. Another hilarious thing about this thread is how raged he is about mod maps, then you have him showing that he was in big blunts green. Last I checked that was a mod map. I think that efuddie guy may have a learning disorder.
  10. My bad. The affordable care act. Not trying to go political. Just an attempt at some humor since it is the 2nd year of open enrollment. This time last year, the website to enroll in affordable care act was down most of the time due to poor design, heavy demand. Less bugs this year so I didn't want obama to touch his computer. He may mess something else up.
  11. I'm pretty certain he was kidding about 20 JJ's vs a banshee, but making a sam, good advice. LOL Don't even get me started on making pavement. I know pavement is not a unit, but it is useless and you could be making a unit! Even a useless unit is better than pavement!
  12. You seem confused. Aside from mistaking his nonsensical rants as writing skills, there is no "his crime" vs "your crime." There is only a thread in the forums created by someone who was caught twice violating community guidelines and after pleading for another chance, continued his intolerance and got banned a third time for essentially the same thing. While there is comedic value in the thread, it is at the expense of its author.
  13. I would tell him to fix his screen resolution or adjust his monitor settings, but if he tries to do that it may bring down the entire obamacare website. And technically he is not playing. He is monitoring the chat.
  14. There is no soggycow here. There is no spoon. You may have me confused with another who is known for a map he made. There is only one Spo0kyCow. All others are imitators or impersonators.
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