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Yuri's Revenge, Windows 7 instalation problems


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Hi guys, I'm aware that CnC net provide support for issues to do with their installer or servers, but my question is really the first part of this whole experience, which is instaling the game.


I have windows 7 (32 bit) and I tried instaling RA2 (not Yuri's) 6 months ago. While trying to instal the game I ran into this error message "The procedure entry [email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link libary binkw32.dll." I was told to try differnt versions of Direct X and I did. Still no results.


My main worry is buying the Command & Conquer ultimate edition only to find that Yuri's Revenge will not run on my pc. I've had a look at user reviews and many say over half the games don't work on windows 7.


So my question is this, how can I simply get RA2 & Yuri's to run on windows 7? Then everything is golden!


Thanks for your help


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It is alive!


Yeah turns out RA2 wanted to work now after re-instaling it (no idea why?) and I baught the mega ultimate edition of C&C you guys had advertised and yuri's revenge works perfectly!


So It turns out I didn't need your support in the end. But again thank you Tore and Iran for your help. Hopefully, this topic may be able to help others who had faced a similar problem to me.


Time to beat up yuri all over again!

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