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Let's Connect [Line Messenger]


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So here a free app that i urge everyone to download on their mobile device! It's called Line messenger!  It's safe/private and easy! It won't release your name or your phone number. I know a few of us share our cell phone numbers, but this is a better way to keep connected. You can be anywhere in the world! All you need is a wifi connection/and or cell phone to run this app. No extra fee's etc. Once you add me, i'll add you to the private group "tiberian sun"  This will be the main chat for all us to chat and share photo's etc.  For example, if someone post's to that chat, your phone will notify everyone in that room "Hey, 1 needed on ts" . You can also limit the amount of notifications you get as well! Please create your LINE ID To match your Tiberian Sun ID so we can better identify you!


Add My User Name: Hefeweize






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Yup i do this as well. Can use any irc program to connect.

Line - messenger is a bit different though. It's meant to connect with others while not on CNC . u get notifications on ur phone like a text msg and can share photos .. etc etc w/o sharing ur phone number.


Many tiberian sun players have met each other before and shared PH: numbers. This is a better alternative!


I use this app to connect with with other groups including boom beach and my car club in Chicago. It's very easy to manage and use!


There is nothing funner than chattin on CNCNET lobbies tho during downtime on your phone. =)


Edit: oops. i also wanted to state that the main purpose of this app is to message people to come on CNCNET and play.. or if they have a turny or game they're suppose to do, it can remind em

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