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Nod is advantaged, balance in next patch!


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Nod                GDI

power plant      plower plant

hand of nod      barracks

airstrip            weapon factory

(500hp, armor 3)(200hp, armor 2)

--> ion cannon kills weapon factory

-->but not airstrip


Recon Bike

good against:

Orca, Medium Tank, Jeep

-very fast- (too fast for infantry or harvesters)



good against:


-very fast- -only 300$- -140hp (Jeep is same unit, but cost 400$ and has 150hp)


Medium tank

good against:

low armored vehicles which not avoids (let me think a second... NO UNIT?)



result: (condition: micro management = good)

Nod advantaged + Turret (anti tank)


Nod                GDI

communic.        repair bay


Flame tank

good against:

mass infantry has no chance

-cost not much therefore GDI dont need only to think about training infantry-

-300 hp, armor 3 (light tank: 300hp, armor 3)-


Stealth tank

good against:

harvesters, enemy´s base, fleeing mammoth tanks

-acceptable strength and cost, no complaint here!-


Mammoth tank

good against:

anti air (yeah, first time a GDI tank is able to attack air units,but till now advanced guard towers arent available -_- ),

infantry, vehicles sometimes (depending on situation)


-cost 1500$-

-too slow to flee and repair automatically-




Flame tanks and Recon Bikes are an undestructable team,

Towers of Nod defend easy against tanks and some flames keep off infantry!


How can we change this?

Simple set Armor level for Flame Tanks to 2 and reduce thier HP to 150.

Reduce Recon Bikes HP to 130.

Disable Apache.


Instead of disabling Apache we might let the rocket launcher be an only-GDI-unit, being buildable since the comm.-central has been build

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Well, I like how C&C1 is now...and I think Nyer will not balance the game in anyway if he makes a 1.06c.


I agree on some of the points you made, I will explain more about that tomorrow since I'm tired right now.

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I think C&C1 is as good as it is, it needs no changes.


People say the GDI has an advantage and people say Nod has an advantage, it depends on how you use the factions. If you want a "balance patch" make it yourself or play some of the newer games....

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