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What would it take for a proper C&C95 remake?


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The biggest challenge would be to keep the core gameplay and the newly-added features in the classic C&C vein. So, if it has an upgrade system f. ex., that has to be a C&C-styled upgrade system, as opposed to a Craft-styled one, which is far too pervasive in the RTS genre. I've actually thought about how such a thing can be done. Maybe upgrades could be made on an individual unit basis, you know, roll the tank onto the repair bay and you get a 'tank range' construction option for $100 if you also have a radar, etc. I'm no hacker, but I believe that this should be possible even in the early C&C engines (maybe even TD), considering RA and SS have a "bonus crate" mechanic for such things...


I've also talked about some of these things in a previous thread, you'd need better pathfinding and full command of your units, speaking here of being capable to select and target air (it will very much solve GDI's early AA problems vs. Nod). I believe true FoW would be interesting to play with in TD, but that might require tweaking of sight ranges, or giving air units scouting abilities, not a bad idea per se. Also, probably good to have no South advantage. Maybe terrain/height advantage, like in more modern games?


Really, I think if someone ever finishes one of these many recreation/clone projects, it has to be kept simple and within the functionality of the original C&C. Any new features would need to be implemented in a way that makes the player feel like they could've been in the game back in 1995.

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The upgrading repair bay thing is a really interesting concept, it would almost have some sort of its own balancing act with improving units like "you can improve them all at a small cost but you've got to send them back to base to do it" rather than just having some renegade dudes far away randomly acquiring new stuff.

Maybe expand it to be its own building similar to the repair bay. My only thing would be if you had to upgrade a huge chunk of tanks, would you have to update each one seperately, or could you use a group queue? In the current C&C1 engine that would be such a huge nightmare to carry out manually...

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Is it time we actually did this? Just to show some gusto and reverse engineer the idea but with more detail in extrapolation of the original concept with the wisdom of years? We could basically copy it and add small interactions between the already existing 'contacts' that would add more depth and character to the system.

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I'd worry about reverse engineering the game to the point it plays exactly like the original first, then think about the enhancements you can add (if any) beyond higher res visuals. Unless you already reversed it and are holding out on us :P


What core assets, ideas and concepts would be needed to create a proper C&C95 remake/clone(enhanced)?


Throw the ideas out there, so we can pan this out a bit.

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