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XWIS vs CnCNet vs WOL


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Guest Mechacaseal

cncnet has less delay lag than xwis and wol. wol was a very interesting place with all the hacker programs. i liked wol way more than xwis. they had those cool clan page websites with lists of clan members and ladder. there were no mods to ban players and you could do whatever you wanted.

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I never played xwis and from what little I did play on WOL back in the day, I remember it was very limited for TD with its two player cap, having just the stock maps (well, you could trick it if you did a file swap, e. g. GA for your own map) and the many, many ladder whores cheating, free win rushing, hacking accounts, impersonating, etc. So CnCNet wins by a mile. Otherwise, the main difference I can see is in starting settings, people used to play with all sorts of starting cash and unit combos on WOL, which are quite balanced and it made many of the stock maps very interesting. People used to have favourite settings and stuff there, while here we see a tendency towards standartization - 9999 or 10000 credits and 0 units. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it's worth thinking about, especially since there's obviously going to be a ladder and probably more tournaments. All in all, CnCNet is perfect because it is essentially an open project and anyone can contribute what they can, be it a gg, a cool map or a client, and anyone can play the way they want to play.

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