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Tiberian Dawn - A couple of TD singlepayer missions I've made

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Here are two singleplayer missions, one for GDI and one for Nod, that I've made quite a while ago using XCC Editor. A brief description of each mission is below:


Winter of Discontent

This Nod mission starts with your base being utterly decimated by GDI. You've got to retreat and regroup, then take your revenge on them using their own weaponry. I made a winter theater mission for Nod, since there are no official winter missions for this side.



They did it again! Nod captures a GDI base in Winter of Discontent


Rescue and Retribution

This mission was inspired by its namesake in C&C Renegade. Using a Commando and a small attack force, you need to break through Nod defenses and rescue civilians from a Nod Detention Center.



The village had been cleared of Nod militants, and tanks arrive to assist the Rescue and Retribution



The mission files are provided "as is". I'm sure you won't have any trouble launching them :) There are also text files with more detailed briefings, to compensate for the absence of briefing cinematics.


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Thanks :D I thought I'd release it along with the GDI mission I did not bother to make public ever before. As for the other Nod mission, A Brotherhood Divided, I made several attempts at improving it, but with little success so far.

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are these maps finished? If so they should be posted in the map archive...

Yes, unless someone finds a bug in them (hopefully not). (Sorry if I posted in the wrong place)


I wouldn't mind them being included in some sort of community-made mission pack, given that such might be released, since two missions are probably too few for a stand-alone release (or maybe not? I've no idea really).

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Nice missions! i beated all that mision!

and, for the nod mission, one tip, Not put "atack base" on the TeamTipes, put where is the base (because you capturated that) put "Area Guard" for the units dont stay freezes, trying to attack the nort units, so, they will guard this area, destroing the base.

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