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Request for help translating red alert 1 to Spanish


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hello guys am utka (sorry if I talk bad, not much English).

I need help because I'm translating redalert 1 and I need to translate the videos expansions (In Spanish).


The thing is not a good listener the English (it's something I always cost), and as you know English if they wanted to ask this favor for Spanish speakers can understand the game.


I want to translate for the patch now you can add the videos of this expansion of PS1 for viewing on the PC and it would be great if you help us.


All you have to do is write down the dialogues so we can translate them. Please help us finish this translation.


Thanks for the space.



Thanks for the space.

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Are you using our spanish language pack for red alert 1 as base? We have all unit icons done, 95% of the sounds are done  and the string table (conquer.eng)


What still needs to be done:





Full translation package: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=2166.0;attach=4325

Current Spanish add-on: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=2166.0;attach=2367




How you want to translate the videos? subtitles? Do you know how to edit the videos and convert them back to the red alert format?

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The group of "Abandonsocios" I think a translation than this they have, with common red alert videos and translated.


There are tools to put the subtitles (256 colors, complicates everything) but it was done and I'll take care of that)


strongly write the dialogues of the videos to complete the translation please need.


Thanks for the answer and I leave the link of the project that my taste is better than this you sent me.



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Just downloaded the "Abandonsocios", it's not bad :) But it is not complete either, the missing parts:


Aftermath units cameos/sounds/strings are missing

Aftermath/Counterstrike missions are not translated

Some sounds are still english (probably the same as in our translation, because TS doesnt have these sounds)


Are these guys still wokring on it? I have parts they are missing and they have parts I am missing :D Can you ask them if they allow to take some files from their package to make a new complete one? Since you are working on the expansion videos you will probably also want to have the aftermath/counterstrike things

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If these guys really wanted to do a translation of red alert but not of the expansion, everything you mentioned is already finished for me just a few details left me more videos and of course nothing more. The project was abandoned theoretically but it was not long have done more or less 65% of things. Now with my translation project it is 85%.


Please if anyone can help with regard to videos and write what they say would facilitate the ultimate thing missing (for me the most difficult).


If you help me translate the videos (sorry for insisting) The translation would be launched on 4th of June and would not have to do anything else, it is more and I did all that unless you want to change something you do not like.


Anything we keep talking and if you help me with this as I finish.


Thanks to all (sorry for my english  O_o).

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Do not know why but ... the objectives of expansion not have in mission.ini, they are in afthermath / counterstrike.mix.


Actually as I repeat, nothing more lack of translation of the videos as anyone could write the dialogue would be great.


I will not raise my version translated, until they can give me the dialogues of the videos.


Thank you very much for the support.


PD: My version is the red alert ra3.03p (just in case)

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For good game translation they must be in mission.ini and then placed in spanish-languagepack.mix, else you cannot make a proper add-on. Did you already translate the briefings? Did you translate the aftermath unit graphics?

Would be nice if you could write a list of everything you have already done!


Wait until tomorrow regarding the videos, maybe someone has this done already (Nyerguds knows this for sure)

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I understand you need all in spanish-languagepack.mix to choose the language, okay if they can adapt so you can get there.


I repeat this all translated: Units, images, voices (except for some such as mechanical, electrical man), mission.ini, tutorial.ini, etc.


I need please pass me the dialogue of those videos of retaliation to finish well the translation to show it and test it yourself.


Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRyOmdHsRpyc39o7NtoDyLy3BmDLIZmp0

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Red Alert Retaliation Allies Mission 1

Sarin Nerve gas The Soviets love it its colorless odorless but it sure as hell aint painless they probably took out this whole town using a bottle half the size of my


Now the Soviets have a Convoy caring enough Sarin gas all over Europe. I want you to find that Convoy and blow the hell out of it I want you to find the Underground Production Facility blow the hell out of it.Think you can remember that? Oh and evacuate any Civi who get in the way remember were the good guys. Oh by the way Im general Corbin welcome to greese.




Sarín Nervioso Gas Soviétic Los encanta su incoloro y inodoro pero seguro in el Inferno que si es doloroso.Probablemente llevaron a cabo toda esta ciudad con una botella de la mitad de mi


Ahora los soviéticos tienen un Convoy cargando suficiente gas sarín en toda Europa. Quiero que encuentres el Convoy y haga volar el infierno de ello. Quiero que usted encuentre el Planta de producción subterránea volar el infierno de ello.¿Crea que puede recordar esto? Oh y evacuar cualquier Civi que se interpongan recuerde eran los tipos buenos. O por cierto yo soy generales Corbin bienvenido a greese.


this is the best i can do on one video change if needed.

ill do one a day. :laugh: my spanish sucks

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Red Alert Retaliation Allies Mission 1 end


General ????? lieutenant only the good news.

All civilians have been evacuated repeat sarin gas has been neutralized general.

Allright not to shaby. Give the man some stripes

yes sir field permission effective immediately.

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Red Alert Retaliation Allies Mission 2


The commies are at it again developing atomic capabilities General Starvos has a siberian informant who knows were soviet atomic processing facilities are hidden.

Starvos insists on going to meet him personally.

Stubborn old mule thinks he's a dam field agent.



Soviets must have gotten wind of Starvos meeting.

Intel received word of a large soviet force moving to intercept

I told Starvos he'd get him self killed playing these spy games.

Help him out any way you can once that old mules back use the information he's got find and destroy the Reds atomic operations.

Nukes, Bases, convoy, everything kick those commies outta siberia


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Red Alert Retaliation Allies Mission 2 end



Starvos you old dog Have you got any idea what a pain in the ass you are?

Kane controls

Well thats not what i hear the commander here tells me that he had to assign three privates to clean your diaper.


General starvos wishes to offer you his deepest appreciation and congratulations on your brilliant carreer hahaha

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