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Audio clicky sound bug in C&C GOLD?


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I got the C&C GOLD full install and got the Nyerguds patch. Everything is awesome, wicked huge resolution, but, theres this clicky sound that occurs occasionally, when the game's sound effects take place. Example, the Westwoody intro video logo video, you go to hit "Esc" key to skip it, and you hear this little "click" sound. Also, when the Eva unit says "building", every other time she does it, theres a couple of clicks added to the speech.


Any ideas on how to get rid of that? I've been messing around with the CCConfig tool, but still haven't managed to get rid of them damn little clicky sounds, lol. HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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Its like an audio skip, a short burst of static. I've tried different resolutions, that doesn't affect it. Turning off the Advanced gfx options (the DLL or whatever) makes the screen all screwy, so thats not an option (not sure if that removes the clicky sound either), and I've got "automatically adjust mouse sensitivity to resolution", and I've got "Limit Framerate" On. Back buffer in Video Memory and Stretch Movies to Full screen are both turned on.


You think its the Stretch Movies To Fullscreen thats making the clicky sounds? I am so sad right now, the damn... unholy.... CLICK sound, is evil incarnate. :(


EDIT: Hmm, I also got disable Grenade sound checked off. I'll look into the sound options tab some more. Maybe its just Windows 7 being a dick?

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How I thought the grenade thing made a difference? I proly was drugged (self induced) and drunk (also self induced).


TBH, the clickity click is very subtle, especially with the ingame explosions firing off all the time, soldiers screaming, and my death metal blaring. But when it goes all quiet, I can hear all these clicky fucks! Oh well. Just gotta keep it loud!


To me, it has become barely audible. I'm going thru the campaign right now and I'm barely disturbed by it.

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