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take your meds


You first, well. Because you need them. The avatar you chose shows it. As well, a show which has basically destroyed American society at the behest of a few people'e apathy of life. To reiterate, your choice in American ideology (as avatars generally show deeper thoughts) reveals the need to medicate yourself, as is quite common in that part of the world (America has the largest mentally ill population and the logistical and economical backbone for it). You and your kind are finished.


Stefor, You don't get it do you, although you pre-empt people's possible responses in your mind and think that it is ok to place things in their way to control things. (Hint: this is a mental trap for your mind).


The reality is, that I started CnCNet and it is my heritage, everything I express will circulate the globe as intended and alter the world. The internet has long been indexed and saved and backed up offline for other people's purposes, but they forget that what I say is what I say and will forever be remembered because of it. You can't delete me and everything I have said from the internet or people's minds.


I have already won the internet, I am fully aware of my mind's workings in its subconscious level and although you might try to change your post to fit my response, you can't undo it.


You see, I am not a mentally ill person as you are, or you are maybe just sick (the projection really gives it away). I am just a megalomaniac, and everyone here is part of my plan.


The background of the deranged people who left to America really give you guys away, seriously.


Anyways, rekt, pwned, forever put in your place or something.


Life goes on.

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