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Screwing around I guess


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Heh heh, in my custom rules for crates in RA and I simply specify RAPID instread of none as the animation for explosion and napalm crates so you see one of those ominous red rotating skulls when you unfortunately get one of those.  Other animations I found in the mix were gpsbox to use instead of earth and deviator to use instead of missile2 for the nuke.  I noticed at least the skull and deviator red missile gfx are in C&C1's mix as well.  I guess Westwood planned to have the Dune Deviator attack as a special weapon from crates but didn't go through with it.

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lol, playing around with the projectile impact animation? I'm fairly sure that's just data editing, though. Fooling around with the stuff fed into the projectile constructors. I got that info.


It is, but sadly I already have all that information :(


what, no nuclear clusterbomb? dz at zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  It's about time that poor red skull was used for something.


nuclear explosion from super fast firing obelisk lags the game beyond all belief


but i confess nuclear obelisk is a nice idea for a custom map perhaps....


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I think putting the nuke explosion there might blow up your base if anything manages to get too close :P


I still think it's a weird system, with animations that do damage. As far as I know there's no specific format or object type for it, either; it's just exceptions in the "play animation" function O_o

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