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Speedrun: GDI Mission 13: 2min! :D


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Hi people, i made a video who i speedruned the GDI Mission 13, No Cheatings! i uploaded on my 4shared, because, the YouTube isn't accepting a register of my accont (idk why)




The visualization of the video isn't working, if you can help me, please. :D


Post the comments


[Edit] I was broken by own record, so, i uploaded the file agan! now only 2 minutes!

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So, you rushed your units up, destroyed some walls and blew away the lab, right? Done that before too ^_^




Huh, you build a BASE? It's enough to just shoot the eastern row of walls of the Nod base, move your launchers there, and blow the lab to smithereens... it's out of the range of their base defenses, and they dont' have units yet if you hurry.


Also, cranking up the game speed doesn't count as "speed run". If the game has an internal timer on the score screen, you have to judge it by that. The score screen says 8 minutes.

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Here's another one, from Reaperrr (creator of Return of the Dawn)


C&C Tiberian Dawn: GDI Mission 6 Speedrun (5 min)


Oh, and pichorra...

1. I never optimized that. I knew I made some mistakes and mis-clicked a few times, so I knew it could go faster... you just copied my technique. Not fair. :P (also, I'm a bit out of shape when it comes to 320x200 C&C. Too used to hi-res :laugh: )

2. Just get a YouTube account :P

3. next time, please show the complete score screen info :-\

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