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Tiberian Dawn - A base under ground (single player)


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[move]A  BASE  UNDER  GROUND [/move]


::: Info

  Map: 52x40

  Theater: Winter


  Side: GDI

  Author: Chimas


::: StoryLine


  Hallo Comander!

  In Duga Uvala, Croatia, GDI started to convert a research facility into a logistic base due to its strategic position and geography.

  Unfortunatelly the Nod discovered the installation of defenses and decided to react before the base became fully operational.

  We've foreseen the attack , but we didn't expect it to be so early.  Nod will strike the life support systems bringing personel out, creating chaos.

  We're concerned of having our Research Center captured and/or having our key scientists killed.


    So that's your mission ...


::: Briefing

    1=All personel to surface: The Nod invasion is imminent!## 

    2=Destroy an MHQ that is jamming our systems.  After data link

    3=restored, use the Commando to demolish our Research Center. 

    4=Finish the mission by locating and evacuating a key scientist.##

    5=WARNING: Nod cannot capture the Research Center or kill our scientists!


::: Optional Link






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::: Features

- Besieged base

- Tactical mission (no economics) on Small map

- Cross Tech - I put all artillery on the GDI side

- Infantry & Civilians prevalence - (I'm still developing one more like this, then I'll start making classic missions)

- 34 Triggers

- 25 Teams

- For every defense asset you lose, Nod gets a new team.


::: Acknowledgements

Westwood - game

Nyerguds - current patch

MattAttack - player/tester


Have fun!

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- For every defense asset you lose, Nod gets a new team.

Damn.... I just saw that!  First thing I did was sell my eastern guard towers...  This mission is truly a testament to how much stuff can be going on at once on a map!  Though it was a little weird having to force-fire on one of "my" structures.  And what's up with dark grey?  It seemed as though they were attacking me, but I had to force-fire on them...

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  • 3 years later...

I destroyed the enemy MHQ, destroyed the Research Center, a green flare appears, and that is where it goes wrong, the evac never comes.

Edit: I now found out that the chopper comes but just weirdly flies over and lands just outside the map

Also I destroyed the enemy base.

Base Profile Screenshot 2018.11.08 -


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