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Tiberian Sun Package


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Figured I'd post it here as well. Some people who visit ModDB or Project Perfect Mod might have seen this already, but here we go:





  • Full Tiberian Sun and Firestorm campaigns included, with optionally downloadable movies (about 1.3 GB in size)
  • Skirmish support with pre-defined starting locations and teams
  • Dynamic map preview showing starting locations and teams on the map
  • Full CnCNet multiplayer support, including automatic transfer of custom maps, passworded games and private messages*
  • Support for spectators
  • Allows modding similar to The Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Twisted Insurrection
  • All TS INI bugs fixed - includes fixes from Aro's Tiberian Sun: UMP
  • Compatibility with the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Saves statistics from all games of your commander career
  • Automatic updates (you can opt out) for delivery of bugfixes and possible additional content like multiplayer maps
  • FinalSun Map Editor included
  • Extra game options including Build Off Ally, Harder AI, Disabled Super Weapons and Disabled Refinery/Silo Storage
  • Includes some of the best and most beautiful multiplayer maps created for TS by the community (selectable in the "Fan-made" gamemode)
  • Supports viewing and joining DTA and TI (and soon YR) games at CnCNet


*Note: This is not the only TS MP client. Most games are (currently) hosted with FunkyFr3sh's client, which is incompatible with this client. So, on CnCNet you won't see most of the games shown in the main menu.




Client / Game executable / Misc.:

  • Rampastring: For creating the client and applying various improvements to the game, including new game options and maps
  • Bittah Commander: For editing the game executable and FinalSun executable so that it reads files from subdirectories instead of MIX files, and for helping with the client's graphics
  • Iran: Created the Tiberian Sun spawner, which makes it possible to skip the in-game menu and as a result makes the client possible
  • CCHyper: Provided various useful hacks for the game executable, the most important one being the WaveClass error fix
  • zzattack: For making the CNCMaps Renderer and saving me a bit of time by hosting high-quality map preview images at ra2maps.zzattack.org
  • OmegaBolt: For extensive testing and providing useful feedback



Mods / Companies / Communities:

  • The Dawn of the Tiberium Age: For being a development and testing platform for the client
  • Twisted Insurrection: For being a development and testing platform for the client
  • Project Perfect Mod: For hosting classic C&C modding forums
  • CnCNet (including hifi, Rampastring, Iran, Tore, neogrant): For providing an easy-to-use online gaming service for classic Command & Conquer and for hosting this package
  • Westwood Studios: For creating the original game
  • Electronic Arts Inc.: For making Tiberian Sun freeware so that I'm able to distribute this package




  • Aro
  • Aurora196
  • Crash
  • j4m3sb0nd
  • Ixith
  • Rampastring




Skirmish lobby (click to open the whole image):









DOWNLOAD: http://dta.cncnet.org/TiberianSun.zip


Have fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We just got promoted to the front page on ModDB! :)




Changes in the latest updates:

  • TS Nod Missions 1 and 5 now have additional in-game cinematics (originally created by Westwood but left unused in the original game for some reason) (Credits: Bittah Commander)
  • Fixed: MWMN now uses Oxanna's voice (you could control both Umagon and the MWMN in GDI 9C) (Credits: Bittah Commander)
  • Sound and music indexes in sound01.ini / theme.ini now match those that you need to input in FinalSun to play those sounds / tracks (for mappers) (Credits: Bittah Commander)
  • Updated FinalSun trigger action descriptions to reflect the above
  • Fixed many tutorial lines which had CABAL named "Cabaal" (Credits: Bittah Commander)
  • Fixed Kodiak crash animations (Credits: Bittah Commander)
  • Tiberian Sun Nod campaign videos now work properly (Credits: Bittah Commander)
  • Firestorm GDI and Nod campaign videos now work properly (Credits: Bittah Commander)

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  • 1 month later...

The latest update includes support for multiplayer saves. Other than that, a lot of issues have been fixed and a lot of enhancements made in the last two months.


A snippet of the improvements made:


- Enabled some previously unused videos in the Firestorm campaigns (Credits: Bittah Commander)

- Fixed: Saved games sometimes failed to load, resulting in a black screen in-game (Credits: Rampastring)

- Fixed: Some waterfall animations were bugged (Credits: Bittah Commander)

- Fixed: After loading a saved mission of a campaign and then progressing to the next mission, the difficulty level would always revert to Medium (Credits: Rampastring, Bittah Commander, FunkyFr3sh)

- Improved the compatibility fix that increases performance on Windows 8 and 10 (Credits: Bittah Commander, Rampastring)

- Added a new compatibility fix that increases FinalSun map editor performance on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Credits: Bittah Commander, Rampastring)

- Added the ModMode option to Resources\MainClient.ini. Setting this to true will automatically skip the version mismatch dialog and make the client load faster (Credits: Rampastring)



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  • 1 month later...

@SexPro: This is an ' alternative ' that can be used, but you will not be able to play with people using standard client....


We all use 'standard client' made by FunkyFr3sh


This is 'alternative client' made by Rampastring


They both work, but do not work with each other... not compatable.


@Funky: This feature sure is sexy:


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THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I'm gonna download this, and then download Tiberian Sun Retro, plus the TSR campaign fix, and badda boom badda bing! I'll replay all the campaigns in all their FMV glory with the benefits of TSR's modded stuff, get high, and drunk, and stoned, and have a blast.


You guys are such enablers, its awesome!!! Thank you!

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tl;dr I just wanna play original TS & FS campaigns with TSR mod. You're client has gone beyond standard TS version 2.03 that TSR won't work properly. I'll keep messing around, but I think the easiest solution is to get the original tiberian sun game going again, strictly for TSR fueled campaign missions.


Sorry to double post, but damn, I'm having trouble getting tiberian sun retro to work with this client for Nod singleplayer campaign.To install TSR into your client, I had to put the mod files in the right subfolders, such as the INI and MIX folders, and then rename TSR's expand02.mix to expand11.mix - as long as its above 4 it should work, because your client has expand1-4 used up already.


What I'd love is to play the original Nod campaign; with TSR's changes, the Nod faction has so much more units to play with. Plus, TSR makes TS's atmosphere alot better, what with all of the subtle changes, such as background sound effects, much better looking vehicles (especially on Nod side), better GFX (like for the flame tank's fire) - if you're gonna play original TS, you might as well play TSR.


So I almost got the Nod campaign to work. I've only tried to start the campaign, and that works. I can play the first mission. However, the cinematic doesn't play. I can start the GDI campaign and watch the cinematic too, but for some reason the Nod one doesn't play when you start. The GDI campaign, and both firestorm campaigns (at least start off) do play their cinematic videos, but the Nod one does not.


Another interesting thing is that in TSR, the Nod laser turret has a new GFX (what is it a voxel?), but in the first Nod mission, the two laser turrets at your base use the old GFX, and then only half of it! You can see the tower part of the laser, the stem part, if you will? But not the actual turret! So its just a little red stick that shoots lasers, instead of a stick with a gun on top. This also is the case in skirmish.


So I've heard that the changes your client does includes extra videos for the Nod campaign. TSR's download includes a mission.pkt file and a multi01.pkt file. Perhaps this has something to do with why the Nod campaign videos do not play.


I'm gonna mess around as much as possible with all the files, maybe merge some mixes. Is there anyway I can extract every single file from a mix at once? XCC Mixer only seems to allow you to extract one file at a time. I want to merge all the files within TSR's expand02.mix with your client's mix files or something. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, I know TSR was not made out for campaigns at first. But there have been fan made patches, plus I can mod the rules.ini to allow engies to capture buildings, thats easy enough - one of the main reasons TSR is not singleplayer friendly, is because certain structures have been changed, and then made out to be uncapturable, preventing you from completing certain missions.


Trust me menn! TSR is worth all this trouble. Unless I can find a better "vanilla" TS mod...

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OK, so I extracted all the files from TSR's mix file, and thanks to Bittah's help, I made sure that I copiped all of those files into the right folders, etc. TSR now works prefectly on skirmish, as far as I can tell. No missing building GFX, no missing sounds, it all seems to work!


But the single player is still fucked. I can play the Firestorm missions on GDI or Nod no problem. The missions load fine, and the videos play great!


But the original campaigns don't work! I go to load up GDI, and I get an internal error. I go to load up Nod, and it says, "Unable to read Scenario." using the launcher, to pick a campaign, you select one and it gives you a description. The descriptions for the original campaigns are missing, it says, "I'm lacking a description!!!!"


Is this new Tiberian Sun client stuck on firestorm or something? Its as if it cannot play the original missions, because it is as if the firestorm CD is present... hmm. Any ideas?


EDIT: SO I edited the battle.ini file. Now I can play the original campaign missions, but the damn movies still won't play for Nod!!!!! I also beat the first GDI mission, and then saw the second GDI FMV, then the map showed up, I chose the battlefield, and then 2nd mission failed to load, saying "Unable to read scenario". I go to beat teh 1st Nod mission, and then for the second nod mission the cinematic plays, but the 2nd mission also fails to load. You can only play the first mission for each campaign, and the Nod campaign doesn't even show its video. The tutorial missions included with TSR don't even load - you get an instant IE.

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  • 2 months later...

Oh, I never noticed those messages before. Sorry.


Anyway, campaign progression being messed up tells that either TSR has its own MapSel.ini file, which points to non-existant (on this client) maps or the missions themselves have been modified to point to the wrong NextScenario=.


Basically, all the missions are in the Maps\Missions directory and the paths should point there.


Btw, the package now has LAN multiplayer support, no internet connection needed:


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  • 1 year later...

Oh nice, you got back to me. And I just remembered this too, as I'm just now trying those whole thing again. This time, I'm using the First Decade version of Tiberian Sun, for I figure, it is closer to the original base game, and thats the game that the Retro mod was made for. So it should work better, right? Naw, I'm getting the exact same problems. Ok, so I'm gonna go thru the mod files and find the MapSel.ini, and sift thru it and see what I can do.

I'm gonna get your client version again anyways because its got those missing FMVs. But yeah, first I gotta figure out how to relink all the missions back together while playing Tiberian Sun Retro.

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