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Tiberium Fields Skirmish


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Theater: Temperate

Dimensions: 62x62

Difficulty: Medium?


Two missions, one for GDI, one for Nod, and a multiplayer map is included.


A one-on-one skirmish against the CPU. A big and spacious map resembling

Tiberium Gardens with lots of tiberium to harvest. No briefing. Just build a

base and destroy the CPU's base. You start out with only an MCV and $10000.

The CPU starts out with $10000, a small base, and proceeds to build a bigger

base while attacking you with infantry, units, helicopters, and engineers.


RemoveBuildExceptions is enabled in the Nod mission so you can build helipads

and APCs.


Sometimes the infantry teams get stuck at waypoints.




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    wow, really cool! I've played both the GDI and Nod only once, but I'd have to say that they're pretty fun and I didn't win as fast as I thought I would.  I don't want to spoil anything, but I think that the map was neat, and the AI was aggressive enough to pose a challenge.  Of course, I'm going to go back and play them again with my previous experience and try something different, but overall I thought it was well done.  I'd like to try the MP version, also.

Sometimes the infantry teams get stuck at waypoints.

    This is probably due to the the # of men in the teams.  I think I successfully got up to 8 grenadiers to not get stuck at waypoints in a team once, although they'd still get twitchy once in a while.  Really, I keep my inf. teams at 5 max.  Teams set solely to "attack units" can be as big as you like (I think), but teams moving through waypoints need to be small enough for all units to touch the waypoint.... or something like that.  I think the realistic max 8 infantry OR 5 units.  Any combinations would require more testing..... 

    Also, I think a couple of teams u1#'s could use adjusting, but I plan on trying to explain that in a video soon...


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Cool missions, the GDI one's really hard because I didn't expect so much Recon Bikes and Apache's so early on, but spamming mammoth tanks did the job eventually. The enemy base on both missions seem a bit unfinished tho, I could just sneak in an APC with inf to take out the enemy Contruction Yard :D

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