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Tiberian Dawn - Lost Control (Singleplayer)

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Nod unleashed a new unknown Virus, that caused us loosing control of

nearly the half of our Base. Your Mission is to rescue what can be rescued.

Then make the way free for our Hovercrafts. Our intelligence says, that the

Power Plants that supply the Obelisks with energy, are on a separate circuit.

Find the Power Plants, destroy them and defeat Nod with the Reinforcements.



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game crashes with memory error and realy  tought

There''s no such thing as "memory error" (except actual broken RAM, which is probably not the issue here). All programs run in memory, so if it crashes, that's obviously where that happens. Doesn't make it a "memory error".


If you give the instruction address in the error message I might see what went wrong.

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The mission doesn't seem to have a problem in parameters. I've played this mission sometimes and got no crashes (it's been a while now).

When I changed from XP to W7 I started to have a lot of crashes, in any mission I played.

Don't forget to tell about hardware and what Windows you are using, and all that stuff (besides the IA msg) ...

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