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Ra2? Ladder?

sero aka aCnChaOz

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hey admins,


xwis is nowadays very dead and im started playing on cncnet again lol. my question is when does ra2 come out here on cncnet? and when will be there a Ladder? i need the competition man. i cant just play ffg more then 3 hours lol.


oh and one more question how can i change my cncnet login name? i searched everywhere but its impossible? i clicked remember my account and password when i created my cncnet account now im using a noob name and no1 know me :(

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So far (for YR anyway), they've drawn the title :D



But jokes aside, the RA and TS leaderboards are looking good (except for the super high points :D), and my guess is (and mine only, I could be way off :P), when the ladder for these 2 games are officially released, the rest of the games will follow soon after that because they're gonna use the same or similar template/coding. But I agree with everyone in that it's taking a while, maybe they ran into a brick wall, or maybe a mountain :D. Idk, just my opinion.

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