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sero aka aCnChaOz

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  1. sero aka aCnChaOz

    half screen in recording

    Who want to See your high LeveL Games?
  2. sero aka aCnChaOz

    Micr0 Pocket book(do you even micro bro???)

    Good Job Tony. That makes me remember, Book of Knowledge from seke
  3. sero aka aCnChaOz

    Ra2 is the best game ever!

    Hey Edd whats up? If u rly want 1v1 pro Series you Need luck or just arrange Games on skype. There will never be a ladder here. gl
  4. sero aka aCnChaOz

    Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    When are the next Games?
  5. sero aka aCnChaOz


    Cya in 3 months. ggs wp
  6. sero aka aCnChaOz

    How Often do 4+ Player Games Not Load/Connect for You?

    We had yesterday the Same Problems on 2vs2 and 4vs4
  7. sero aka aCnChaOz

    king of heck tournamet

    ye u can add me to the tourney
  8. sero aka aCnChaOz

    king of heck tournamet

    yes its hosted by your best friend, he thinks i am you :ranting: lol.
  9. sero aka aCnChaOz

    2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread

    Make a Deadline for Games joe. Or ankarar will finish end of year
  10. sero aka aCnChaOz

    HELP ME !!!!!!

    Use !seen nickname. Please dont create stupid topics like this.
  11. sero aka aCnChaOz

    fixed comp - ready for some RA2

    Hey chrono whats up man? We was good on xwis. Nice to See you here on cncnet. Welcome!
  12. sero aka aCnChaOz

    Back at it again and can't wait to play!

    In my Motherboard settings? Why? Hello - could you upload your except.txt file found in your game directory. Thanks! Looked in my Game Dir did not find that file... Attached 2 pictures 1 is when i tried to change to DDWRAPPER and the other is the game erroring Hey man i still have the Problem when updates come out. It was very easy to fix that Problem. The Problem is your antivirus delete one fail when you update your cncnet. Reinstall your cncnet and Update, when you First Time Start cncnet your antivirus will Block/delete then you Click on that Warning and then u can choose that your antivirus can ignore that file for future. Gl
  13. sero aka aCnChaOz

    2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread

    I think dq'd is good. Alex post ss how Andy asking to Play for zigzag im sure He found a guy who agree to do that. Jason next Time u should pick another mate, Andy maybe the best YR player, was your words. But He FU your Team.
  14. sero aka aCnChaOz

    My Antivirus deleted CnCnet Client

    ty worked well!
  15. sero aka aCnChaOz

    My Antivirus deleted CnCnet Client

    hey admins i cant play anymore my antivirus Norton isolated completelty your client it found virus/trojaner HEUR.AdvrML.B. You guys rly had to fix your client from day 1 till now i only have problems. Okey guys gl hf on that client i go bk to xwis now.