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Some Pics I found


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Most of these aren't official.

Hmm, interesting, the GDI and Nod logos are significantly higher quality in that pic. Time to go pic hunting i guess  :D


Well some times people send me a load of files and i batch add them and sort out the stuff after. Sometimes i dig up some really old files i still have on my hard drives like in this case.

I try to keep the archive clean of third party stuff and placing things where they should be, but managing it isn't easy considering the size of it

If that is so can you prove it?

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only a dumbass would think that model was official lol. its in lightwave, its a copy paste of the concept art texture, it's like 10% complete and the geometry is garbage and lightwave 8 came out in 2004 and generals came out in 2003. lol.


also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enzjHwsLlgg

"copy paste of the concept art texture''

as if that isn't done during asset making workflows..


''geometry is garbage''

Take it you never seen ingame models from Y2k...


"lightwave 8 came out in 2004 and generals came out in 2003."

Assuming its not official just because the screenshot features something that didn't exist then now that's stupid.

I or WW artists that actually still have bunch of content laying around can take any of the WW models i have open them in Max 2013 and take a screenshot or render them at lighting/scene conditions that aren't possible with what was available at the time, that wouldn't make the model any less official....

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