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An attempt to make amphibious tanks in RA


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I changed the terrain properties in the rules.ini so wheeled units could drive over water.





Wheel=80% ; changed from 0%




The JEEP is the only wheeled unit in RA. It move on water now ... but at the moment that vehicle leaves the shore to open water it just explodes.  :down:


Vice versa it is possible to make ships moving on land by changing the Float parameter for the terrain. By removing the water frames from the .shp file ships may be used as amphibious units, but they still are ships - so they are produced in the shipyard and can't use the repair bay as well.


Telling infantry to go over water that way (Jesus style) is possible too.


Is it impossible to create amphibious units from tanks in RA, like the GDI APC from TS?

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