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MK / Carry Glitch request, save game included:


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In this save game I have made it easy to duplicate two glitches:


1. Send Mammoth MK II onto Service Depot to repair.  While it is walking on the Depot keep the MK selected and hit the 'S' key.  It will walk onto the Depot and blow up.


2.  Select the bombers and number them for easy selection (Ctrl + 1).  Click the Carryall/Disruptor and move it to an area across the map.  Quickly select the two bombers, and tell them to land right under the area where the Carryall/Disruptor are trying to land.  Repeatidly click the bombers under the shadow of the Carryall/Disruptor and as long as you are fast enough, the Disruptor cannot ever land.


It is good for someone to be able to place a building or move an infantry/unit under a landing Carryall and takes skill to pull off in an actual game, but 99.99% of players in the Tib Sun community have since the game came out agreed that using an air unit to do so is a glitch.


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Units belowing up on repair pads is not a bug, it's a feature. It is done to keep a vary unwelcome bug away. I'm sure it is ralated to unit tracking. If it didn't below up the game would lose track of it and you could never lose the game as it would think you would stll have a unit left.

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