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Rise of the Imperial Domination Force


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I've been wanting to create a mod for CnC for a while now, and as luck may have it I have stumbled upon this excellent website. I'm very new to map editing in Tiberian Dawn, but it's pretty simple and I think with practice I'll be able to master it in no time. Here's my plan:


Global Defense Initiative Classified Records




In the first tiberium war, the GDI defeated the Brotherhood of Nod at their temple prime base in Sarajevo. With Kane gone, all seemed well in Europe. Recently, however, there have been reports of large scale assaults on Nod African-based operations. The GDI has nothing to do with this, and as a result we looked into the reports.


Dr. Mobius, lead expert in tiberium research, has shifted his focus to the study of time. Nod top secret records show that Kane, the late leader of the Brotherhood, was once first in command next to Joseph Stalin, the late leader of communist Soviet Russia. World War I involved time travel, so it seems. Albert Einstein, now deceased, apparently used a chronosphere device to alter history and bring about the Soviet Revolution. This is Kane's first appearance, and the GDI now believes that time was again used to bring about this new faction.


The Imperial Domination Force, spawned from an alternate timeline in which Kane failed to dispose of the corrupt members of GDI and Nod, are on a mission to destroy both GDI and Nod, and gain control of Tiberium for their own experiments. The IDF possess both GDI and Nod technology, and are considered very dangerous. GDI executives have agreed to send only our finest commanders after them.


Brotherhood of Nod Classified Records




Everything is as the GDI said. This new army, the Imperial Domination Force, has stolen what is rightfully ours. They have betrayed Kane, and the Brotherhood. However unlike their belief, Kane lives dormant in a secure underground facility. Until the right moment, we refuse to reveal him. Unfortunately, we may have to form an alliance with GDI to dispose of the imperials. This new timeline has opened our minds and granted insight. He who controls the past controls the future. One mission, one purpose. For Kane.



I'm not sure if the "special" house, which is able to build both GDI and Nod trees, is controllable as such by the AI. I may need some help in accomplishing my goal, including some ideas for missions. I plan to have ten missions total for each campaign, thus there will be thirty missions total. (If adding a third campaign for the IDF is impossible, then I may have to limit the campaigns. One will alternate between GDI and Nod and the other will be purely IDF. If the second option is chosen then I will make fifteen missions for each side)

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Thanks Tore, but this may become a major mod depending on what I can do with C&C95. I've brainstormed more ideas on the style of IDF, but keep in mind that these tactics assume that RA95's shps and units can be imported to C&C95 to replace the original "special" faction.


Imperial Domination Force Intelligence Data




All infantry are trainable via the IDF Barracks. The infantry are made up of GDI and Nod types as well as combinations of Soviet and Allied troops. The IDF has seen an advantage in taking control of the old ways, and most importantly impliments the spy.


  • Minigunner
  • Rocket Solder
  • Medic
  • Flamethrower
  • Spy
  • Engineer
  • Commando


The IDF chose to keep the ideal Nod Flamethrower as well as the GDI Rocket Soldier. The Medic proved very useful to Allied task forces in WWI, so it was put back into training protocols.




Vehicles are built via the IDF War Factory, which is a remodel of the factory used for the Soviets. IDF leaders realized that GDI and Nod may ally to destroy the new faction, so they made a few adjustments to the production list...


  • Ranger
  • APC
  • Heavy Tank
  • Radar Jammer
  • Harvester
  • MCV
  • Phase Transport


Ultimately, the Phase Transport was included to combine the strategic Nod stealth and the hardhitting GDI rocket shells.




IDF aircraft are buildable via Air Field, which is brought back from the Soviet era. The only two buildable aircraft are the MIG, taken to match GDI's orca, and the Hind, and the Yak, taken to match Nod's apache. A chinook is also buildable, however it does not land on the air field.




The Imperial Domination Force began as a small force consisting of both GDI and Nod forces. Over time, it grew into what it is today: a massive strategic-based army that used the past as it's ultimate weapon.


  • Construction Yard (Tiberium Era)
  • Command Center (Soviet Era)


-The command center is used in missions as an advanced communications building. Destruction of these comm centers would result in a massive blackout of IDF communications, separating the armies.


  • Tiberium Refinery
  • IDF Barracks (Allied Era)
  • Power Plant (Tiberium Era)
  • ADV Power Plant (Tiberium Era)
  • Silo (Tiberium Era)
  • Communications Center (Tiberium Era)
  • War Factory (Soviet Era)
  • Service Depot (Tiberium Era)
  • Air Field (Soviet Era)
  • Turret (Tiberium Era)
  • Tesla Coil (Soviet Era)
  • Flame Tower (Soviet Era)
  • AA Gun (Allied Era)
  • Concrete Wall


-For balance, the IDF does not yet have a superweapon. However, the faction may gain one later on in the story, if this story branch continues.


Singleplayer Units


The Imperial Domination Force has embraced Tiberium as a weapon, thus they have carried out experiments in order to utilize it. Below are the units IDF uses in singleplayer only, and only in special case missions.




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um, dude, any house can be made to build any units. The AI doesn't care at all about the player's tech restriction. Order a GDI AI to build stealth tanks and chem warriors, even if it only has the GDI barracks and GDI weapons factory, it will still build them.

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