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when you can play the ladder guys?


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Better yet, WHY don't WE ALL raise some donations for the staff?  >>>>>>>>>to THANK them not to<<<<<<<< ----> That is surely the best way to get them to dedicate more of THEIR time to working on these projects FOR US.


(After all, TIME is MONEY)


Hear Hear!


Why don't we??


Something to thank them for their hard work for our pleasure, for us to enjoy!



Set up a paypal for yourselves staff.  Let us buy you a round, or three

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Nah, sorry, I was just making a language joke there about the fact you said "the ladder guys" instead of "the ladder, guys". I didn't realize you weren't too fluent in English, or I would't have made a language joke.


This will probably clear up what the joke was about:


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