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The image is of sexpro's other logs. The link is cri95 on the ladder. He's played 9 games. 6 of those games are against himself. 95% of sexpro's games are against names i haven't seen before lasting no more than 7 minutes. Can't prove those names are freewins too, but this is the type of shit that kills the community, and defeats the purpose of a ladder. I've played head up with sexpro 1v1 and the idea of him beating ANYONE on TS in 7 minutes sounds hysterical, as I beat him without losing a structure. I don't know if there's a way we can prevent this, like resetting points, or taking away the proven free wins, but i'm sure if we look into Kaizen's other 10000 logs we will find the something similar is going on. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this stupid shit? O_o


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Yeah bro but we do NOT care about the rankings (well I don't.).  I (well, *we*) *do* care about activity on TS and cheating the system never yields any good fruit for the whole of the community.  If there is a way to cheat the ladder, then it will ruin the incentive for people who do care about the ladder, and thus play it for the reason of points, from even trying.  This was one of main reasons WOL and XWIS failed so HARD is because there was not any worth-while administrative efforts.

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We'll have to investigate further.

If it turns out that sexpro is cri95, we'll need to determine the proper consequences. Perhaps a loss of points?


either removing all points played against himself, resetting rank completely, or temporary ban from ladder.

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If someone is cheating the ladder system, maybe it would be good to wait until the very last day of the month and clear all their points... you know... let them waste their time thinking they are cheating the system only to find it was all for nothing.

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Implying it wasnt a waste of time for everyone else who plays just for points.


Not sure what you mean by this...


If someone plays 'just for points' then they are wasting their own time, but I don't see how they could be wasting other's time and if someone enjoys gaining points, then who is to say they are wasting their time in doing so.  Many people spend their entire lives trying to safe up money, which I would personally say is a total waste of time, but hey, it's what makes them happy, so to each their own.


To clarify: I am not suggesting the people who played the cheater have their points effected, I am suggesting strictly the player found to be cheating have their points wiped, but on the very last day of the tourney.  I suggest this so their 'punishment' for cheating is all the time they spent gaining points being made null.


Kind of like letting a thief spend 4 hours picking a lock, just to find the police are on the other side of the lock waiting :)

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