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Dune II screenshots


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I've found quite a few Dune II screenshots on my PC and uploaded them in the gallery. Most of them were taken to show AI behavior when the team bug is fixed.


Here is a group of Atreides light vehicles destroying the Ordos player's Harvester:



A pretty large team of Atreides combat vehicles just about to attack the Ordos:



The Harkonnens were taken by surprise, and lost the Light Factory to the Atreides:



There goes the Harkonnen Construction Yard, too. The mission is pretty much failed now:



A large Ordos base crawling with units:



A closer look on the Ordos base:



Some Ordos tanks on their way to attack the Harkonnens:



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Thanks :) There's more where they come from, showing the Atreides mission 8:


An overview of the base in mid-construction, with the Starport about to receive the first cargo load:



An early Harkonnen attack with infantry and light vehicles only:



A more serious attack with a Devastator. Notice the Atreides Carryall bringing a repaired unit from the Repair Facility to the battleflied (using the "no ground exit" trick):



Here the Harkonnens have mounted a heavy attack force with three Devastators:









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Just don't tell me you didn't know that :laugh: This is one of the earliest features, introduced even before the project title was changed from SD2SE to DuneX. (Sardaukar Troopers are separate units made from Raider Trikes; the sidebar icon is in the game files, easily enabled via your editor :D)

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