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RA Multiplayer Mod - "Civil Warfare" - by Jacko


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Some of you may remember a while ago I created a RA mod "Civil Warfare" built for multiplayer modded RA. I was fiddling around and decided to restart from scratch and build a new version, with improved countering mechanics and balancing. Welcome to....

Civil Warfare v2.2a


Featuring our two new factions endlessly battling it out to control their country:


The Royal Allies and the Corporate Government


2 factions with very different fighting styles on a modified RA atmosphere.


Rules.ini is attached at the bottom of this post


Get singleplayer missions here: http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=5027.0


Since nobody ever cared about backstories and background I will divulge into the basics of the two factions:


The Royal Allies


Earlygame units tend to be fairly weak, and not built for enduring long periods of head-to-head combat. Their appropriate use of flame-based weaponry is critical.

Their lategame units however surpass anything the Corporate faction can throw at you, with highly advanced Tesla weaponry and Mammoth tanks at your disposal, the enemy will

have little to save themselves with.


The Corporate Government


With a strong lineup of available earlygame and midgame units, the corporate forces can quickly establish a powerful advantage over their Royal counterparts. Their long range artillery units

are a real force to reckon with. The Corporate forces also have access to all kinds of supertechnologies later in the game. Iron Curtain, Chronosphere, Stealth Weaponry and Nuclear weaponry

will need to be exploited heavily should the battle begin to drag on.


Here's a neat gameplay video:


Disclaimer - This mod does not come with a custom Sounds pack, I just use one.


General Gameplay differences


One thing I noticed from the old version of Civil Warfare is not a lot of people adjusted well to the different gameplay style compared to vanilla RA. So here is a quick showing of whats different.


Vehicle Speeds and infantry


Most vehicles in CW v2.0 are much slower than they were in RA, in fact they are slower than they were in CW v1.0. This is mostly designed to make infantry seem like a more useful option when fighting vehicles, as well as reduce the overpoweredness of cheesy rush tactics. The only exceptions to this are the two light scout vehicles, the Humvee and the Rocket Buggy.

Infantry are also much cheaper, and have better resistance to Anti-Armour Weapons, but are more susceptible to Artillery and Flame weapons.




The economy in CW is very similar to default RA, with the only differences really being slower (but cheaper) harvesters and faster growing ore. However it is important to highlight the ore storage mechanic change.

Ore Refineries can now only hold $1000 worth of ore, but Silos can now hold $3000 worth, meaning you will need a few of them at some point in the game.


Harvesters have been reshuffled to make them more targettable by hit-and-run tactics. Their armour type has low resistance to most forms of fire and leaving them un-attended can often cause bad things to happen.


Buildings and Vehicles for the most part are considerably more expensive, limiting their numbers somewhat.


The Tech trees


The tech trees in CW v2.0 almost exactly match those originally designed in CW v1.0 - The three tiered system with 2 endgame "prongs".

Tier 1 (Start of game) - Most infantry, basic defenses and basic vehicles are enabled (Tank, Scout, Anti-inf), as well as gunboats and helicopters.

Tier 2 (Requires Radar Dome) - Unlocks mid-game Long-range units, better naval units, Airfields (and yaks), as well as access to the tier 3 tech buildings

Tier 3 (Tech Centre for vehicles, Bio Lab for structures) - Unlocks top-level units, ships, aircraft and structures, as well as any superweapons.


The factions and their Tiers will be explained in more detail:


The Royal Allies


Tier 1:


Vehicles: Light Tank, Rocket Buggy, Flame Tank*, Harvester

Infantry: Rifleman, Rocket Soldier, Engineer, Spy, Thief, Medic, Flamethrower*, Attack Dog, Mechanic

Aircraft: None

Ships: Gunboat, Transport

Defenses: SAM Site, Flame Tower (Required to build mobile flame units)


Tier 2:


Vehicles: V2 Rocket

Infantry: Tanya

Aircraft: Yak

Ships: Submarine

Defenses: None


Tier 3:


Vehicles: Mammoth Tank, Tesla Tank*, MCV

Infantry: Shock Trooper*

Aircraft: Mig

Ships: Missile Submarine

Defenses: Tesla Coil (Required for mobile Tesla Weaponry)

Endgame Buildings: Nuclear Silo, GPS Centre





The Corporate Government


Tier 1:


Vehicles: Medium Tank, Humvee, Artillery, Harvester

Infantry: Rifleman, Grenadier, Rocket Soldier, Engineer, Spy, Thief, Medic, Attack Dog, Mechanic

Aircraft: Hind, Chinook

Ships: Gunboat, Transport

Defenses: AA Gun, Pillbox, Turret


Tier 2:


Vehicles: Rocket Launcher

Infantry: Tanya

Aircraft: None

Ships: Destroyer

Defenses: Rocket Box (Basically an AGT from C&C1)


Tier 3:


Vehicles: Heavy Tank, Stealth Tank, M.A.D. Tank, Chrono Tank (requires Chronosphere)

Infantry: None

Aircraft: Longbow

Ships: Cruiser

Defenses: None

Endgame buildings: Iron Curtain, Chronosphere, GPS Centre, Nuclear Silo





Other important stuff


Rocket Buggy - Royal Scout unit


The rocket buggy is a re-incarnation of the infamous Nod Recon Bike from C&C1. With its missiles designed for maximum armour damage and harvester smashing, these guys are a real pain. Their

other special function is they can carry 2 infantry units (the only vehicle that can transport infantry). (removed in 2.1d update) However their low HP makes them ultra weak to Small Arms, MG and artillery fire.




These two factions differ from the first minute of the game, with the Royal tents requiring no power input and can be deployed immediately at low cost. However the Corporate barracks is much better armoured but has to satisfy a power demand before they can start producing troops. This gives the Royal forces a scouting advantage.


Tanks vs Tanks


Royal Light Tanks are pretty shoddy compared to better designed Corporate Medium tanks, and generally they are no match. However Mammoth tanks will massively outclass any other basic tank-type unit on the battlefield, including Heavy tanks. So before you say Mediums/Mammoths are OP (etc) just consider that this is by design.



Currently all helicopters are available to both sides (with seperate helipads enabled for obvious reasons), while Airfields have not yet been balanced into the game. Yaks work properly but Migs have not been added yet, so enable these at your own risk!. Longbow helicopters have not been fully tested yet, need some player input on how powerful they are. Yaks and Hinds are correctly balanced into the game now - Longbows and Migs have been added experimentally. All aircraft are Available to both factions at the moment.


Aircraft have now been balanced into the game:


The Corporations have Hinds, Longbows and Chinooks

The Royals have Yaks and Migs

Hinds and Yaks are basic Aircraft

Migs and Longbows are advanced and very powerful aircraft, but require lategame tech structures.


Bugs and issues


Rocket Buggies


- They sometimes turn invisible when loading/unloading infantry. This is caused by it not having loading/unloading SHP frames. I would fix this but im too lazy to learn how.

- Their turret is slightly offset from where it should be. This is also related to SHP frames, but that is because it is loaded onto a unit entry which has turret frames located elsewhere (STNK). Fixed in v2.1d

Rocket Weapons in general are still rather RNG based on damage output, due to the way RA processes rocket accuracy and damage. Will take suggestions on how to improve this.

This has been dealth with in v2.2


As previously mentioned Migs are not working yet, simply because all their projectile attacks seem to be missing their targets. Will also take suggestions on fixing this. - Prototype Migs available in v2.1d


Air and Naval units have not been fully tested for balancing (due to only an AI being available for testing). - Early testing has been carried out in v2.1d

Air and Naval units have been fully balanced and patched into the game as of v2.2


Feel free to playtest and report any bugs/suggestions to this thread.



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Um.... I feel stupid asking, but I know absolutely nothing about RA.  Do I need other files besides this rules.ini?  Do I just start a skirmish/go online or is there a campaign?  Right now I have Humvees & Meds with no icons which are invisible.  Help!



Hmm. For multiplayer everything you need should be within the spawn.mix, if you are operating singleplayer then you may need a custom .exe file as well as a supplementary Expansion mix of missing .shps (I have attached the missing SHPs) But at the moment this is a purely multiplayer thing, with the potential of singleplayer content being thought about (depends if I can gather myself enough time with exams n stuff)


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Some Quick updates:


- Released some singleplayer missions for CW (link in original post)

- Updated Rules to v2.1 (See original post)


Known Bugs


- Rocket Buggy can crush stuff (This is pretty OP to be honest, but I can't get a non-turreted and non-crusher vehicle to work properly, waiting on a fix for the crusher=yes/no)

- Royal Barracks was still draining power (This should be fixed by making it provide +5 power instead)

- Tesla Tanks were unbuildable (I accidentally deleted their entry from Rules.ini - this should also be fixed now)

All of these have been fixed in v2.1d

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Hey everyone!


I know this mod was dead for a while but recently I found some part of me that wanted to get this back up and running again, and fix all the Bugs!

Hence, the release of:


Civil Warfare v2.1d


Balance changes since v2.1:




Rocket Buggy now costs $300 (from $450), but cannot carry any Passengers. They have had a slight damage boost (20 -> 23) but a HP nerf (190 -> 170)

Light tanks have had their damage reduced (25 -> 20)

Royals are now able to build turrets after Refinery

V2 Rockets now cost $900 (from $1000)

Flame Tanks now cost $700 (from $800) and Flamer weapon deals more damage (40 -> 45) - This affects the infantry flamer as well.

Mammoth Tanks have had another damage buff (75 -> 80).

Tesla tanks have also had a damage buff (80 -> 95)

SAM sites have increased damage (25 -> 36)

Submarines now have Increased Armour (190 -> 390)

Royal Tent has had a HP nerf (400 -> 300)




Medium Tanks have had their ROF buffed (65 -> 55) and a slight HP buff (420 -> 430)

Humvee costs $350 (From $400)

Artillery now costs $600 (from $700) and have had a small damage up (160 -> 175)

AA Gun now deals double damage (25 -> 50)

MLRS has had a small HP Nerf (280 -> 260) but can now crush people (which doesn't mean much but hey)

Stealth Tank now uses Vulcan as a secondary weapon.

Ukraine Country bonus has been nerfed.


Other Changes


All units have been generally slowed down (except Air).

Refineries now hold $2000 like before.

Kennels now Require a Power Plant to be built first (previously after Conyard)

Turrets now require a refinery to be built first, but are available to both factions (previously just Corporate after barracks)

Airfield now requires a Radar Dome (previously after Refinery)

Hinds have had a HP nerf (190 -> 130) and a small damage down (30 -> 24)

Longbows and Migs have been experimentally changed to new weapon types (untested - be careful)

Slightly faster Ore growth rate (1.7 -> 1.6)

Rocket Soldiers now cost $180 (from $200) and their Anti-Tank rockets have had a small damage buff (20 -> 23) and their Anti-Air rockets have had a huge buff (25 -> 40 damage) and (3 -> 6 Range)

Harvesters have had a HP buff (800 -> 900)

Nuke Silo now costs $4000 (was $3000)

War Factory now costs $2800 (was $3000)




- Rocket Buggies can no longer crush people

- Rocket Buggies no longer go invisible when loading passengers (because now they cannot load any at all)

- The Royal Barracks Tent no longer drains any power.


New Bugs


- No new bugs to report.


Planned updates for v2.2


- Slight cost nerf to Pillbox

- Country Bonuses rebalancing.

- Balance and distribute Air units

- Balance Naval units.


Also added: A small v2.1d map pack is attached to the original post, as well as the updated Rules.ini file.

Also attached very basic images of the two tech trees.

Have fun everyone!

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Never fear!


Version 2.2 is here!


With a change in Aircraft, Naval units and an Overhaul of Rocket physics, here's what v2.2 has to offer.


~Naval Units~


Naval units are now readily functioning within the game, and I'll give a short rundown of how things will probably work out.


With Destroyers and Gunboats heading out against Submarines and Gunboats, things will probably get quite messy. The general method of fighting is this:


Gunboats > Subs

Subs > Destroyers

Destroyers > Gunboats.


The poor Royal gunboats are exposed to air attacks until they manage to scramble some missile subs out there (hint: set them to guard mode), while the Corporate destroyers will probably struggle to keep any Royal migs off them and the more valuable Cruisers. Gunboat's little main gun has had its damage reduced, and destroyer's Missile weapon has been buffed, but it's anti-submarine capabilites weakened.




Now that I've finally got Migs and Longbows working the way I want them to, we should see some more interesting air combat in the later game.

With the Corporate longbows you have tank-munching machines, designed to pierce even the strongest of armour with brutual efficiency. You'll find them very effective against any fool who forgot to bring air defenses.


However the Royal migs are just as dangerous. With their lightning speed and quick attacks you'd barely see them coming before they pelt your units and structures with a deadly dose of shrapnel. Also strong vs armoured targets, try to avoid grouping up with these things around!


~Rocket Physics~


The changes to rocket physics should allow much more reliable damage from the majority of the ground-based missile weapons. The missiles now tend to be just straight shots with no real homing effect. Players who have played Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn will understand what this means.

Rocket Soldiers, Rocket Buggies, The Rocket Box and the MLRS have all had an accuracy (and therefore potency) boost.

Despite this, only the Rocket buggy has actually been nerfed to take in this effect.


Full changelog:




Rocket Buggy damage has been reduced (23 -> 21)

Light Tank damage has been slightly increased (20 -> 23)

Mammoth Tanks have had a damage nerf (80 -> 60), but a large Armour boost (900 -> 1280)

V2 Rockets now cost $800 (from $900)

Flamer Range has been reduced (3.5 -> 2.75)

Flame Tank HP has been reduced (400 -> 375)

Missile Sub Damage has been increased (150 -> 250) and they now cost $3500 (was $4500)

The Royal Armies can no longer construct helipads

All Royal Countries have had a build time decrease (1.0 -> 0.9) to allow them to tech up faster




Medium Tank HP has been buffed (430 -> 450)

Heavy Tank HP has been Buffed (450 -> 470)

Humvee attack range has been increased (4 -> 4.25)

Artillery range has been increased (7 -> 8), and its ROT has been increased (3 -> 4)

AA Gun has had its damage reduced (50 -> 35)

Pillbox now costs $500 (was $400)

The MLRS HP nerf has been removed (260 -> 280) but its cost has been increased to $1200 (was $900)

The Stealth Tank now uses the M60mg as a secondary (Was Vulcan), has had a small hp buff (140 -> 160) but a primary damage decrease (80 -> 60)

Chronosphere now costs $1800 (was $2000), The same applies to Chronotank.

Cruiser now costs $3000 (was $2800) and has had a small decrease in HP (500 -> 450)

Destroyer's missile Launcher has had a large damage buff (25 -> 45)

Destroyers Anti Submarine has had a big damage Nerf (100 -> 40)

M.A.D. Tanks have had a large damage buff (Units: 75%, Buildings: 60%), has had an increased detonaton time (120 -> 200) and now costs $2500 (was $2000)

The Corporate Army can no longer construct Airfields


Other Changes:


Gunboats cannon has had a damage reduction (20 -> 15)

Gunboats Anti Submarine has had a damage buff (50 -> 75)

Bio Lab now costs $2500 (was $3500)

War Factory hp has been increased (1100 -> 1200)

Engineers can now capture a building at 50% Health, and Engineers deal 50% damage to a building above half health (basically this means it needs 2 engineers to capture a full-health building)

Chrono Tank recharge time has been reduced.

Rocket Soldiers damage has been increased (20 -> 23)

The hollowpoint (special AP) warhead* has had a small decrease vs targets with "Light" Armour (70% -> 65%)

*This Affects the Rocket Buggy, Longbow and Rocket Soldiers

Mine Layers now cost $400 (from $600)




No bugs to fix, but missing/incomplete features have now been completed.


New Bugs


No new bugs to report


Planned updates for v2.2a:


None at the moment - will analyse balancing and feedback before doing anything.



Extra additions (on the original post)

Map pack has been updated ( a couple of maps have been removed, partly because they didn't work)

Rules.ini has also been updated

Tech Tree images have been updated.

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Very quick balance update push (only a small one) - but yes to the one person who downloaded v2.2 you'll have to download it again. Whoops.


Quick changes:


- Removed the buildtime buff for the Royal factions. (It turned out to be really OP)

- General game buildtime for both factions has been shortened (0.8 -> 0.7)

- Riflemen have had a damage down (15 -> 12)

- Mammoth Tank has had a small armour down (1280 -> 1200) and Mammoth Tusk damage reduced (60 -> 35)

- Turret HP has been reduced (800 -> 700)


Thats pretty much it.



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