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YR Win10 LAN Issue



Hi ! me and my brothers grew playing these games since classic C&C RA1 and RA2, once we got our own laptops we started playing using LAN connections when we had Win7 and everything was cool and great. But after updating to windows 10 we can't do it anymore, did clean installs applied patches and nothing. we have a C&C the first decade version. everybody can enter the game create and join games but one of us looses connections after some minutes of playing, How can I fix it? each one installed the games with different serial numbers. PLEASE WE NEED TO PLAY AGAIN lol 

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yeah the problem is that one of us losses connection after a while and a message saying YR detected an error or YR has crashed message shows for some seconds not very sure what it says.  we always use wifi if we are using cable we turn off the wifi.  once connection is lost player is expelled from game due to lost connection and only way to close YR is with the task manager

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