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Depends on what angle you see it in. The the case of "who started this website" that was me, Tore. It started as the "Command & Conquer Communications Center" in 2007. A name inspired by the radar building in the original C&C game. It was a site for the oldest C&C games like C&C1 and RA1 featuring discussions on the games how to mod them and how to get them running on modern systems.


CnCNet was started in 2009 (has roots back to 2006) by Myg as a way to play C&C95/CO online which was hosted by Command & Conquer Communications Center, Irony took over from Myg and hifi took over from Irony and has been the "leader" of the project since then. Eventually CnCNet got it's own domain, started supporting newer C&C games like RA1/CS/AM, TS/FS and RA2/YR and questions on the forum started being mostly related to CnCNet.


Thus we are in the process of merging the Command & Conquer Communications Center and CnCNet into one site. Mostly because CnCNet has a better domain name and is a much shorter name.


In the context of who pays for and runs the servers that'd be hifi, and those who donate both money and tunnel servers.


In the context of who made the current site that'd be Grant with hifi doing some backend, more technical stuff, tomson26 doing graphics, tahj making the leaderboards , CCHyper doing the logo, with some minor suggestions and edits by me who mostly does forum stuff these days apparently.


As you imagine this is the site of CnCNet and most of the people were would probably play on CnCNet. But you might see the occasional guy coming in saying he plays on XWIS or our friends that support modern C&C games over at C&C Online.

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