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Your advices for a begginer :)


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Hello everybody ! I'm very new to real-time strategy games and I have no idea how to attack or decide a good build order etc.  Even terms like build order are new to me. I really want to get better, but I don't know how to start. I read the http://cnc.wikia.com on building and units, finished the campaign of RA 2. But I really suck at tactics and don't even know the most basic ones. Can you give me some advice's how I can continue learning, are there any threads for people like me ?  Thanks !

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Soviets: Reactor, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory, Ore Refinery. (sell 1 refinery)

Most basic and common soviet build.


Basically you have to try and build your buildings as fast as possible.

Once you get War Factory, build 1 to 2 Miners, and then build Rhino Tanks.



Build a few attack dogs at the start of the game, and use them to scout.

Build Ore Refinery as close to the Gold/Gems as you can.

Press N and then D to quickly deploy your MCV (given you dont have unit count on)

Use Q,W,E,R to quickly switch between building tabs.

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you can Always seek out the "better" players on CNCNET and ask if you can observe their games.

Pop in a 1vs1 game and ask if you can observe them. imo the best method to learn is to steal with your eyes..


Don't be afraid to ASK for help during a game if you see someone's better than you. Most likely they will share intel (atleast I would)


For myself, I didn't play YR for a LONG time, I do know how to play tho.

Since I started playing on CnCnet, ive improved a lot because im trying to play with players that are better/same level as me. I check'd video's on twitch tv about how people play these days.. (= steal with your eyes)


If you see me online, feel free to ask me information or to practice/observe in my games. As long as you don't lag, I sure dont mind to share my experience.

Im usually playing on "Tirwin"..


And don't forget people.. you win some, you lose some.. even the best out there  XD

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what kind of maps are you playing? if you are playing official maps with default settings (10k credits, no units, no crates) then you have alot to learn and you can really improve if you get the hang. you need to learn how to manage your economy, how to take control of the map, what you spend your money on,  and to control your tanks.


if you are playing modded or custom maps with shitload of money there is not alot of skill involved and you just need to build more and faster as your opponent does.


If you decide to play official maps, congrats, you will learn from watching replays like many people here said. note that the replays from xwis forums are ra2 replays but its not too different from yr. there are also alot of topics on the xwis forums about proper build orders, tank control and economy management etc.



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