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  1. didnt forget just didnt include in this mix up, itll prob be in next month's perhaps we should look at having slightly less maps
  2. The constant available update message has been there for ages. I believe dkeeton done an update one time a few month back and we have had the message since.
  3. Should mabye show the difference in attacking groups aswell as singular units, although the ifv looks better than the flak in your video, when its multiple air unit's flaks are more effective due to the flak 'splash' damage.
  4. Not quite, latof dominated ra2 for a long time even against marko.
  5. Because hes qming as Yuri? Wtf u talking about lol
  6. 😅 woohoo i got a vote! Anytime! Get on for games sometime 🤗
  7. I dont think theres a best player ever, however i think Tomislav is probably the most succsessful player i know of (in terms of ranks/accomplishments)
  8. Maps Soviet Allied Yuri Amazons Delta * * Mirror Bull Run * * Mirror Caverns of Siberia * * * City Under Siege * * Mirror Cold War (No Barrels) * * Mirror Coldest Peak * * * Country Swing * * * Deadmans Ridge * * Mirror Death Valley Girl * * Mirror Defcon 6 Mirror Mirror Mirror Depth Charge * * Mirror Desert Island * * Mirror Divide & Conquer * * * Dry Heat * * * Dustbowl * * * Face Down * * Mirror Glowing Waters * * Mirror Golden State Fwy * * * Hail Mary * Mirror * Hammer & Sickle * * Mirror Heartland * * * Heck Freezes Over (No Gems) * * * Heck Without Lamez * * Mirror Hidden Valley * * * Isle of War * * Mirror Jungle Of Vietnam * * Mirror Let there Be Fight * * Mirror Loaded Barrel * * Mirror Meat Grinder * * Mirror Montana DMZ * * Mirror Morningtide * * Mirror New Hieghts * * Mirror North Waves * * Mirror Offense Defense * * Mirror Official Tournament Map B * * Mirror Pacific Hieghts * * Mirror Paris Revisited * * Mirror Poltergiest * * * Proving Grounds * * * Reconcile * * * Sahara Mirage * * Mirror Sea Of Isolation * * Mirror Snow Valley * * Mirror South Pacific * * Mirror Soveriegn Land * * Mirror Stormy Weather * * Mirror The Path More Travelled By * * Mirror Tiger Bay * * Mirror Tour Of Egypt * * Mirror Tsunami * * Mirror Urban Rush * * Mirror Yin-Yang * * Mirror
  9. Secret lab gives u a random special unit/structure e.g. terrorist/deso/demo truck/tank destroyer/grand cannon etc.
  10. Here's March's list which was the most active month of QM so far. March 2018 Map List Map Allied's Soviet Yuri Dune Patrol * * * Dry Heat * * * Offense Defense * * * Heartland * * * Montana DMZ * * * Country Swing * * * No Wimps * * * Dustbowl * * * Hidden Valley * * * Divide and Conquer * * * Caverns of Siberia * * * Double Trouble * * * Heck Freezes Over (Y/S/A) (1 vs 3) * * * Coldest Peak * * * Sahara Mirage * * * Snow Valley * * Mirror Official Tournament Map B * * Mirror Jungle of Vietnam * * Mirror Tour of Egypt * * Mirror May Day * * Mirror Depth Charge * * Mirror Roundhouse Kick * * Mirror Yin-yang * * Mirror Death Valley Girl * * Mirror Stormy Weather * * Mirror Morningtide * * Mirror Pirate Bay * * Mirror Meatgrinder * * Mirror Hammer and Sickle * * Mirror North Waves * * Mirror Paris Revisited * * Mirror Face Down * * Mirror South Pacific * * Mirror Bull Run * * Mirror Strobe * * Mirror Blood Feud * * Mirror Valley of Gems * * Mirror Thin Ice * * Mirror Tsunami * * Mirror Lowlands * * Mirror City Under Siege * * Mirror Ice Age * * Mirror Lakeside * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over TvT * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over BvB * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over RvR * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over LvL * * Mirror New Height's * * Mirror River Rampage * * Mirror Sovereign Land * * Mirror Twin Peaks * * Mirror Ground Zero * * Mirror Golden State Valley * * Mirror Lake Blitzen * * Mirror
  11. ZiGZaG

    Map Renderer?

  12. That's the version that is in xwis.mmx, unless you have another version somewhere that's the one we'll be using.
  13. Yea so i see, ive got the correct one now, should be swapped shortly.
  14. YellowStone will only show once now. Whats different on glowing waters? I took it directly from xwis.mmx
  15. It wasnt 'a way to get my way' it was a way to get general public opinion on the matter. Sure ill open it back up.
  16. I understand just fine, but i did say when i suggested making the poll it would run till end of month and no-one said anything then lol, like i said poll's are pointless, no poll was required to make this change in the first place, its clear staff here enjoy taking matters into there own hands regardless of public opinion or evidence. Wether its issues like this or banning players without proof. I can re-open this and leave it running if you like? Dont see it making a difference though.
  17. You didnt suggest it. I suggested it. You agreed to it. The point of the poll was to get data on what the community thought about this issue, as you can see its split. Im more interested to see how many people actually qm now.
  18. I believe you first off agreed to a poll, the length doesnt really matter imo. Even if you let this poll run a few months i doubt many more would post/vote. 21 people voted but about 30-40 saw the topic. The rest dont use the forum. It would be handy if the QM client had a message box giving players information on things like this. Even a simple message like go to cncnet.org and have your say...personally i think they should have just tied your game account to the forum. Id like to know how many players actually qm. Itd be nice to get a nice to get a number of how many accounts(emails) accessed the ladder last month.
  19. Map Allied Soviet Yuri Dune Patrol * * * Offense Defense * * * Dry Heat * * * Heartland * * * Montana DMZ * * * Country Swing * * * Dustbowl * * * Cavern's Of Siberia * * * Golden State Fairway * * * Coldest Peak * * * Poltergeist * * * Savage Winter * * * Reconcile * * * Landmarks * * * Pacific Heights * * Mirror Urban Marine Revisited * * Mirror Snow Valley * * Mirror Official Tournament Map B * * Mirror Jungle Of Veitnam * * Mirror Tour Of Egypt * * Mirror Yin-Yang * * Mirror Death Valley Girl * * Mirror Stormy Weather * * Mirror Pirate Bay * * Mirror Morningtide * * Mirror Meatgrinder * * Mirror Hammer and Sickle * * Mirror North Waves * * Mirror Paris Revisited * * Mirror Face Down * * Mirror South Pacific * * Mirror Bull Run * * Mirror Isle Of War * * Mirror Tsunami * * Mirror City Under Siege * * Mirror Tikal * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over (TvT) * * Mirror Little Piece Of Island * * Mirror Heck Freezes Over (RvR) * * Mirror New Heights * * Mirror The Path More Traveled By * * Mirror Soveriegn Land * * Mirror Head For The Hills * * Mirror Ground Zero * * Mirror Golden State Valley * * Mirror The Hills Have Eyes * * Mirror Glowing Waters * * Mirror Yellowstone * * Mirror Official Tournament Map Q * * Mirror Amazon's Delta * * Mirror Infinity * * Mirror Urban Rush * * Mirror
  20. If they do so they lose points, also its been like this for years on xwis and wol why would people start disconnecting now? Didnt happen before, dont see it happening now. With this im assuming your talking about your map choices topic a few months back where you completely failed to understand the Yuri faction, you'll find i wasn't the only one who saw or commented that you where way out of your depth. The option of seeing players names in the tab screen, has absolutely no effect on bailing players or factions, your already in the game by this point, you can no longer 'bail' you can play or quit and if you quit you lose points. You can also still currently see what faction your against.
  21. Its not an insult if the boot fits. Following me around the forum attempting to troll me just shows you for the immature little kid you are. Where did i call him a selfish tyrant? Where did i call the admins selfish? Where did i say the community was betrayed? Your attempting to re-write my words. Stop talking trash.
  22. Generally speaking i agree you have been good in gathering feedback, but in this instance you have made a change to the original game with absolutely no discussion or input from the community. I look foward to seeing how you can make this work for both arguements. I didnt say i wasn't grateful nerd. I happen to think they have done a great job for YR i just don't agree to making changes to the game without consulting the community, Grant has previously said himself they will support the original game i think you'll find in the original game you could see your opponents nicknames. Go troll elsewhere.
  23. The majority posted or voted that are on the forum, what can we do about those that dont use the forum? Nothing, if they want a say they should come register, it was never put to a vote to remove the nicknames was it? Just dkeeton doing his own thing regardless of player's views, how is that fair? One person can just make decisions as he pleases with no consultation with the community? Fantastic This gave those that wanted a say a chance to express it, did we have every player involved in how the point system worked? No. Yet i see none of you complaining about those that 'didnt know' about that. It was decided by a select few as most decisions will be, this gave a wider player base a chance to have a say than any of the other decision's taken regarding YR qm as it wasnt hidden away in a testers section. Jokujak, olaugh, mindwar, sash and many others in qm knew about this topic, i went out my way to tell most people so we could get feedback, most didn't post because they dont want to register on the forum or cant be bothered. Their loss. Explain to me why dkeeton makes a change then this is taken as default? The default state you could always see your opponents name, WOL, XWIS, even CNCNET to begin with. Why not both players disable it and then u dont see names? Leave the game as it originally was, if you want to make changes then get both players to agree, Be it names, engi eat, multi engi, 100k start whatever.
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