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Tiberian Dawn - Sands Paradise (2&4 PL)


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Nice! I like 'em, they look very varied. In the 4-player version, #2 and #3 might have an advantage since they have access to 2 tib fields from different paths. The two others need to move their harvester through their bottleneck entrance to get to the tiberium.


I should really get on with testing some LAN stuff... would be handy to be able to put Players=4 in the [basic] section of map ini file.


In fact... I should encourage people to do that. Even if it doesn't work yet, it means it'll work tight away when I manage to implement it ;)

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Yeah, I think I've actually gone ahead and done that already with my maps.


Nyer, just for future reference, is there a way to bypass the LAN setup screen when making a game, Like the how westwood chat would start a game? or is it a necessary part of the process?



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