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Wanna watch some HIGH LEVEL RA2 gameplay? You can't get much higher than this!


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Marko's Twitch channel on now...


And fireworks, i mean this: "Note: This message is awaiting approval by a moderator."

Really? I've never seen that approval thing here (not that I can remember anyway), maybe when you're new, or maybe it's a new thing on this forum for new comers, I don't know.

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It's an anti-spambot feature. As long as a user does not have five approved posts, every single one of their posts will be held for moderator review. So unless a spambot manages to give five constructive forum posts before it starts spamming, its crap will never show up for regular users.


And hey, if that means someone will write spambots that do manage to make constructive posts... as XKCD said, mission fucking accomplished 8)



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  • 2 weeks later...

i see. well ive given up getting games through this site since the posts dont show up until 2 days later anyways.


but if i am ever in cncnet server, feel free to ask for games.


Kinda hard to know who is asking though since it seems so easy to just fake anyones nickname :-D



Also i suggest you tell  your friend ico0 to not speak for you, because the guy is so toxic that all of his friends that he has mentioned, including you, fall under that toxic cloud that ico0 created.

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