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  1. If you couldn't finish the game, i would guess that you lost.
  2. following you around? there's literally 1 or 2 active topics you dumb fuck... Unfortunately you keep crying until you get your way in both of them. Loosen the straps on your helmet and stop complaining about something as unimportant as seeing opponents nickname. "Just dkeeton doing his own thing regardless of player's views, how is that fair? One person can just make decisions as he pleases with no consultation with the community? Fantastic" Yikes. I'ts not fair ;-(
  3. Nerd? Is that an actual insult in a video game forum ? You just went on a rant about how dkeeton is a selfish tyrant and does whatever changes to the game as he pleases. one thing doesn't go your way and you throw a childish temper tantrum and go on how you and the community has been betrayed by the ever so selfish admins...
  4. Your hard work is paid by ungratefulness of the likes of zigzag! Hope its enough to keep you guys interested in working on the ladder as well as you have so far.
  5. 1v1 Tournament. Are you interested?

    yup ?
  6. 1v1 Tournament. Are you interested?

    Fuck you 6 hours in every day of a tournament Offended girl raised by woman Matt and Max, true champions. not friend of logic.
  7. The "Who is...." topic.

  8. The "Who is...." topic.

    you're* The point of the alpha phase is that you should flood every topic with your complaints? Weird, I heard there was a whole section for that? ladder testers or something ? And yes I have to agree, you indeed are very entitled person.
  9. The "Who is...." topic.

    The only flaws are in your logic. Stop crying about every single thing you dislike and play the game. If i see a fucking vote topic about this tomorrow i will get triggered. please i don't want to be triggered don't do it :(((
  10. The "Who is...." topic.

    Imagine being so out of excuses that you have to pull out the "you vetoed sov/allied maps" excuse after loses. Why don't u crying pussies go buy skirts and come out of the closet already?

  12. Lets talk about noobs

    yea, from tab.
  13. Your mom and I are not related. But you make a good point, better to keep the skill in the family. TY.
  14. Honestly, it would affect my games a lot if you will execute this suggestion. I would be very thankful if you did not. Just imagine someone tabbing to see who they're playing against, and they find out its me. They will immediately have a panic attack, and go into a state of shock, or at best just get demoralized. I will not be able to have any real games if this passes. Think of the children, for gods sake.