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  1. Thats a youtuber right there!
  2. At least with soviet players, its not what units you should make (obviously you should make rhinos), but how you control your units (rhinos) Many not so experienced players can make loads of rhinos, but have no idea how use them. A decent battle fortress user knows how to run away behind other units or base defenses when hes chased by rhinos. So obviously you shouldn't just go chase a battle fortress with rhinos in those situations. If you don't have an iron curtain. you need to overwhelm allied players army if you want to kill it, you need to be absolutely sure you will overrun him if you want to attack the army. so just keep making tanks, and overwhelm allied when you know you can. And why would you want to attack the opponents army anyways? It's RTS. Economy means everything. Attack his economy, not his army.
  3. what the fuck ? Where did I ask for your origin story? Unfortunately you are just wrong about everything you said when it comes to actual player vs player games. I personally have no interest what works against AI, because you can abuse so many things that normally wouldnt work. Doesn't really make any difference if you can accept being wrong or not
  4. 15 conscripts and 7 drones die in 2 seconds to a battle fortress you dumb fuck. bf is built in most cases to counter fodder(desolators), not tanks. im done with this conversation. please try playing the game against actual people instead of easy AI and maybe you will come up with actual advice for your next post.
  5. brother, i promise you, you have no idea what you are talking about and you are completely wrong on everything. I guess its possible you are just having a laff, but if you are being serious... idk what to say.
  6. okay then. but msg to the original poster. please dont make drones in flaks or drones without flaks against battle fortresses.
  7. I dont understand why people like this, who obviously have never played the game give advice. Terror drones in flak traks, good meme.
  8. Just get better economy, so you will have more units and crush them with rhinos or mirages
  9. kikemata u are obviously a trash player, and you don't know shit about competitive players in this game. i would guess that you havent played a ranked game in your life. stop acting like you know anything about "pros" and get on your bike.
  10. seems like moon3 would have won 9-0 easily if he didnt troll.
  11. With miner you drive past the refinery or wf entrance and press "S" to stop it there, not ALT.
  12. If you couldn't finish the game, i would guess that you lost.
  13. following you around? there's literally 1 or 2 active topics you dumb fuck... Unfortunately you keep crying until you get your way in both of them. Loosen the straps on your helmet and stop complaining about something as unimportant as seeing opponents nickname. "Just dkeeton doing his own thing regardless of player's views, how is that fair? One person can just make decisions as he pleases with no consultation with the community? Fantastic" Yikes. I'ts not fair ;-(
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