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  1. Well, he also has history of cheating from those days of "competing at the top"
  2. Buffalo and matt i guess. Haven't rly seen many ppl play allieds in cncnet. especially in 1v1's
  3. J_J = a crying face. "not very commonly used despite its coolness."
  4. I don't believe alt is viable in 99% of games if both players know what they're doing. Imo its more a sign of disrespect rather than a tactic to get ahead. Kamikaze 3 tanks to get a warf? I would feel like an idiot doing that. The guy will just make new warf faster and cheaper than I build 3 new tanks. If i would find myself in a situation where alt would be viable, like a full on basetrade for example, I would not use alt, because it has such a stigma, that I would probably get bailed afterwards. (Unless i'm playing heck freezes over against france who moves mid @ QQ) Wouldn't mind if someone wanted to alt me tho.
  5. It's not only about if it's a bug or not. Fact is people like to find any excuse possible, before they can admit a loss to themselves. It's easier to cry about alting, enging, engi eating, whatever. so that those things are considered "lame" or "cheating" or "bug abuse". Now there's no need to learn how to play against those things. What am I gonna do ? alt or engi someone and never get games again?
  6. Mayday, hammer, lake blitzen, depth charge, arctic circle. More things to think about than just spamming tanks.
  7. Theres many things you can do against alt. for example: engineer to repair, if someone decides to alt you with first miner or something like that in dune patrol or some map like that. Here's a bug you can do nothing about:
  8. The chinese players had good rules for alting imo. There its okay to alt as long as you don't spam it to stop tanks from coming out of the factory. The only situation i've found alting to be useful is when france moves mid in heck, so i alted their refineries asap.
  9. Agree with these two completely. And on the points too. If any of you want to learn to play better, stop playing that god damn dune patrol over and over again.
  10. I think DoDger and OP are the same species. You two can achieve great things together!
  11. The way you write is reason enough to hate you. Here's a good tip for you: Don't try to please everyone. There's no reason for you to make a topic if someone "hates" you in the game. The fact that you made this abomination of a topic will only bring more hate your way. If you want to have fun, play the game instead of trying to socialize with bunch of brainless apes.
  12. its considered "bug abuse" as far as i know. Not sure if its bannable. In my opinion it's not really something to cry about. you can prevent it easily if you play the game instead of crying about it.
  13. You are lucky he's keeping it civil
  14. hm people who like to insult people in games (like sunny) apparently also complain the most when they get insulted themselves. C'mon sunny you used to call me nigger and everything else and now you complain when its done to you. It's only OK when you do it, but when other ppl do it its wrong ? "its either all okay or none of it is okay"
  15. Well i guess in your mind it does, otherwise you wouldn't come up with stuff like that. Didn't cross my mind that I would have any power over random people who play the same game as me, no matter what their skill level is.