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  1. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    What the fuck, did you get that from random insult generator ?
  2. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Idk last time i read matts post where he didn't talk about raping someone. Starting to get little weird.
  3. Marko(Iraq) vs MustacheX(Yuri) on Heck TL vs BR

    idk when this was but i look like i was high, how else could i lose to mustacheX cmon
  4. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Dunno, after I rolled and verbally abused latof on stream, he fell into a deep depression for like 6 months. Idk if I want to do that to anyone else.
  5. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    frank who you trying to bluff with your money match challenges, you are as washed up as i am
  6. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Ooo i saw your books at a store, not a single copy had sold bought one out of pity and ended up using it as toilet paper.
  7. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    how much? ill play until you are homeless.
  8. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    well, it is a counter vs buffed paradrops, not surprised they buffed it somewhat. btw get good
  9. Then don't play yuris revenge lol, why would you play a game if third of it is unplayable to you ? I'm surprised you didn't stop replying before, after all you are just a bitch who gives up before even trying. Also, cancer like you spreads. First its you bailing all yuri players, then its several ppl bailing all yuri players, then you start bailing every player you lose to, and theres no end to it. When losers like you start abusing the system, it always goes to shit. Basically you are shitting on the peoples hard work who made the qm system. Thats my opinion anyways
  10. Emotional? How hard it is to understand that I, and maybe a lot of other players would rather play the game instead of getting bailed by some shitkid?
  11. well congrats for being a piece of shit then =D
  12. Yes it is quite strange, i posted a pic of you bailing someone, and commented that you bailed me too. Hard to understand? Learn to play instead of bailing, the learning happens when you dont bail btw.
  13. ? Why are you trying to lie about something like winning in a videogame, lol. I have not played you a single game today, because you bailed 3/3. I'm guessing you have bailed too many people today and are confusing me for someone else. I'm not anyone in that picture i posted.