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  1. Iraq vs other factions

  2. Funny pictures :)

  3. eney comment on this video ?

    "why i build 3rd wf because i know they will attack soon + i sold the mcv for extra cash" Please explain that in more depth. I'm quite curious about how 3rd warfactory will benefit you in this situation. As i suspected you could not answer to a single question clearly and you didn't understand a single point that i made.
  4. eney comment on this video ?

    Firstly idk why you call that "good camping" when you obviously have no intention of trying to win the game, so maybe better to call it "being an asshole and prolonging my death as long as possible for no reason" So couple things, why do you build a third warfactory when you have zero gold left? Why do you sell your mcv instead of extra useless warfactories? Was your only point of this video to trash your teammate and boast how "hard" you tried after he died so quickly? No worries, i'm not actually expecting any answers that makes any sense whatsoever. Good topic btw. keep on going with the shitposting.
  5. eney comment on this video ?

    That's not good camping.
  6. 3 vs 3 game (good players)

  7. 3 vs 3 game (good players)

    yes i am quite familiar with that spot in malibu cliffs. https://youtu.be/6TdvzHf2LtE?t=234 so you call this as close as possible? It's a honest mistake to misplace buildings in heat of pressuring the opponent, but its also very important to learn. I do realize that its petty of me to complain about such a thing, but its very frustrating for me I'd advice to build the warfactory close to the hill, place power or radar on the spot above the gold, kill little ore so you are able to place refinery at the gold.
  8. 3 vs 3 game (good players)

    Most enjoyable thing was the pregame chat. Perhaps would be get more out of it if you recorded 3v3 games from observer. Most important thing: Please place your refineries as close to the gold as possible.
  9. How do you go about beating these 2 strategies?

    for dc: that video was just abusing easy AI. are you gonna get away with taking paradrops and economy from around it, and spy freely against anyone whos not easy AI or playing with their phone. From strategy point of view, everyone knows its beneficial for you to isolate yourself and let others fight against eachother, so you could get easy victory, but its not that much fun in the end. for hammer: decent strategy, but does not make much of a difference what strategy you use from TR in hammer and sickle, since you have double income.
  10. Reconcile is the best 1on1 map in the game

    Like heartland? Because it has grass and trees? lol. Indeed it is pretty great map for 1v1's, theres several different builds you can do with both allieds and soviets. First I thought it's best to move to gems after warfactory, but after couple times of doing that it seemed that it's better to move to the small gem patch after warfactory and save the big gem patch for the very late game. Anyway the point is that there are quite a big amount of different things that can be done in this map, and it's quite a good map to learn several things about 1v1 games.
  11. Best Current Allied Player on CNCNet?

    Well, he also has history of cheating from those days of "competing at the top"
  12. Best Current Allied Player on CNCNet?

    Buffalo and matt i guess. Haven't rly seen many ppl play allieds in cncnet. especially in 1v1's
  13. Question to old players (ra2,yr)

    J_J = a crying face. "not very commonly used despite its coolness."
  14. Why people say Alting is a lame tactic or cheat?

    I don't believe alt is viable in 99% of games if both players know what they're doing. Imo its more a sign of disrespect rather than a tactic to get ahead. Kamikaze 3 tanks to get a warf? I would feel like an idiot doing that. The guy will just make new warf faster and cheaper than I build 3 new tanks. If i would find myself in a situation where alt would be viable, like a full on basetrade for example, I would not use alt, because it has such a stigma, that I would probably get bailed afterwards. (Unless i'm playing heck freezes over against france who moves mid @ QQ) Wouldn't mind if someone wanted to alt me tho.
  15. Why people say Alting is a lame tactic or cheat?

    It's not only about if it's a bug or not. Fact is people like to find any excuse possible, before they can admit a loss to themselves. It's easier to cry about alting, enging, engi eating, whatever. so that those things are considered "lame" or "cheating" or "bug abuse". Now there's no need to learn how to play against those things. What am I gonna do ? alt or engi someone and never get games again?