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Tiberium respawn & other suggestions/issues


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Hi to everyone,


First of all I would like to congratulate the creators of this mod for their outstanding work. Indeed the Tiberian mod redux mod is, in my opinion, the best mod I've ever played for Generals/ZeroHour, considering the work done for modelling, textures, updating graphics, programming, porting videos etc. Below some suggestions follow about some issues I have encountered :


- After playing a match vs many AI on a level I found that tiberium fields were depleted. Wouldn't it be nice if tiberium respawned after some time, as in the original C&C? I am sure that this can be relatively easily scripted. If I remember well there was a script in the worlbuilder which respawns objects and can be set to respawn tiberium after some time. This is just an idea to keep action running in large games (even if there is the secondary option of building silos).


-  In the single player campaign as far as I have played, there seems to be some issues with the balancing. I am referring to the NOD campaign especially, since NOD rocket soldiers are outranged by the GDI guard towers (contrary to what happened in the old C&C). This means that in some levels (e.g. 4th or 5th level of NOD campaign) the player has as only option to attack directly the guard towers with lots of forces and taking great losses, which might make the rest of the mission, impossible. At least I was unable to finish the specific mission because I lost all my forces trying to destroy the guard towers protecting the GDI base (in the 5th NOD mission).


- I am having a strange issue with the Skirmish AI for the GDI especially the Medium and Hard. The GDI Hard/Medium does not build any war factory and does not produce any tanks, but lots of defences (Guard towers), contrary to the easy GDI which builds tanks.  On the other hand the GDI Task force talon, builds tanks. NOD/BlackHand factions are OK as far as I've played. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


Well these were my suggestion about things that I have encoutered. So guys keep up the good work with this great mod. I am looking forward to seeing your next updates. 





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First, May I say thank you for your feedback and support.


To start off with your concerns...


Tiberium does indeed grow... just slowly and when you have 5 or 6 harvesters running around on the field they do indeed deplete the fields. The Tiberium Blossom Trees do respawn/grow Tiberium Crystals around them after about 30 Minutes. This was done to mimic the original C&C feeling while it also reduces game crashes, lag, and mismatch problems.


(I have tested and overloaded a map with too much Tiberium in a script once and it caused the game to crash... not good.)


I will take some considerations to the Guard Tower Issue. Perhaps it may be a bit overpowered. I may increase Rocket Soldier Range. But note there is a reason that you get the Airstrip in Nod Mission 5 that does provide vehicles such as the cheap and efficient Bradley Light Tank which are good for swarming Guard Towers and enemy bases with. ;)


I will look at the Skirmish AI more. I have been meaning to make adjustments.

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personally, I tihnk the infantry in the mod are horribly tiny. You can barely target them with your unit; I keep using G or attack-move. just to get around that.


Now we're talking about issues anyway... when I played the special ops mission, I noticed that my mammoth tanks seemed to lose large chunks of health and then died without any apparent reason. Only later I found out they were standing right next to an (unrevealed) Obelisk. But I never saw a beam from that, or heck, even heard a humming noise... can that be fixed? In C&C, units normally get uncovered when they fire...

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Let me update some issues mentioned in my original post:


- Regarding the tiberium regrowth: I played the skirmish level Little Big Lake (4). I had just two harvesters on the tiberium field and it was depleted. After the tib. field was depleted I continued playing but didnt saw any tiberium regrowth, but, since you are saying that tiberium regrows, I guess that it was because more time was needed, so its Ok then.


- Let me correct the issue with the NOD rocket soldiers : I have faced the problem in 3&4 levels of the NOD campaign (not the 4&5 which I have originaly posted). In the 3rd level (you have to capture the GDI prison) you have a base and you can build lots of infantry to destroy the guard towers. In the 4th level (where you have to intercept the GDI convoy, kill the civilians and destroy residual GDI forces) you have a specific force consisted of NOD buggies, reckon bikes and infantry. After killing the civillians and the GDI convoy the last thing that I had to do is to destroy the GDI base, guarded by guard towers. But the intial force, I think, is not enough to destroy guard towers, while being attacked by the GDI forces in the base, at least I was unable to accomplish the 4th mission. So it was my mistake about the 5th mission, apologies.


I just think that the Rocket Soldier's (and maybe reckon bike's too since it uses rockets?) range has to be increased. The guard tower should be deadly at close range in order to beat infantry and light armored vehicles, but should be outranged by rocket infantry and heavier armored units (tanks, artillery).


I also think that the NOD get too much artillery in skirmish. I understand that NOD has powerful artillery (NOD artillery and SSM) and GDI powerful tanks (mammoth). But I believe that it is just too much for the NOD to get the MRLS artillery too, which was originally a GDI unit. They have their artillery tank to beat medium GDI tanks and soldier concentrations and their nice SSM to beat everything else at long ranges. In order to balance the MRLS being removed from the NOD the NOD artillery tank's range and/or damage could be increased (even if I believe the artillery tanks are OK as they are).


Finally I have noticed that the NOD chem warrior cannot attack tanks. In the original game he was able to destroy tanks (and he was more effective than the flamethrowers), so why not make him attack tanks too?


These were just my ideas regarding the mod (at least for now :-) ). 


I'll post if I find anything else




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-C&C95 is freeware and can be downloaded from this site

-The cncnet system (both developed and hosted on this site) allows up to 6-player online play on C&C95.

-C&C95 v1.06b (see my signature for a link) has skirmish mode


And v1.06b even has a sandbox mode. Just go to multiplayer -> Network, make a new Network game, enable AI players, and set the game mode ("bases" button) to "Capture The Flag". Then, set the starting units to 0 and start the game. The AI players now have nothing but defenseless little radar vehicles which you can kill off whenever you want or leave alive as long as you want.

Enjoy testing out those tech trees. You just ran out of excuses ;)

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