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Map Scrolling.


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Work continues to developed RA++, with this month building on our initial map rendering to fix a few of the issues. The left border cells draw correctly and the trees are positioned where they are supposed to be now. There was also an issue with the wrong overlay image being rendered in some cases which is now fixed. There is still an issue with overlay overdrawing the top and right borders slightly, but we are leaving that until the code for the other UI elements is more developed.


More importantly, we have started hooking up basic input so we can now scroll around our maps as this slightly scrolled view shows. We now have a scrolling map viewer minus a lot of units and buildings. Current development is going into getting loading code in place for units and structures so we can get those drawing and check our in memory structures and object creation code is working correctly. Soon we should have a fully working map viewer that draws the map just like the original game did.


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