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FA2 - Getting AI to rebuild specific structures


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I'm trying to build a map where the AI starts with a massive base and they build armies of units in the same sort of way a human opponent would. Getting the AI to build units is easy but i need to know how to get the AI to rebuild the structures it starts with if they are destroyed.

I have placed the structure on the map and set up a simple trigger to change the house of those structure to player 3 (AI) when the game starts. When double clicking the structures i can change the rebuild option to 1 but it doesn't do anything.

Is there any way of getting the AI to rebuild stuff other than what it builds itself in the first place??



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1. Go to section "base nodes" in the menu on the left. Select "create node and don't delete building". Click on your building. Now, if you move your building, you'll see a kind of shadow on this place.

2. create a new trigger: event: elapsed time... 10, action: production begins: owner house of building.

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