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  1. Hi all, Thought it's about time we have a tournament! Starting with 1v1 on map P4 for February 23rd, lasting 1 week. Let's see how this goes. It's a new platform, which I'm getting used to. Register here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2235195394653405184/registration/ 20 players MAX first come first serve P4 tournament, prize of $50 value to be agreed with the winner. Good luck Commanders! [BAT]Nate Diaz
  2. NDiaz

    Red Alert 1 - P4 Prize Tournament

    If anyone wishes to help moderate these games, please reply below, or message me in the lobby.
  3. Hi all, I'm developing a red alert training map (2 players vs ai), but can't work out how to allow "ally in game" with the a button. Does anyone know how to do this? Currently, players must choose the same team. Then if they accidentally hit the ally button, they can't ally back again. Thanks! Diaz
  4. NDiaz

    Clan ladder

    Sounds good Grant. Credit where credit's due, you guys have done a great job on cncnet! I have already donated, but would donate more for a clan ladder. May I suggest a slightly different plan order: 1. Set up a gofundme page for the clan ladder with a ball park target 2. When the target is reached, advertise for a developer (consider upwork.com) I have a mobile app developer from upwork.com working for $10 an hour, doing a great job. The process was: 1. Create a job advert (100s will apply) 2. Weed out the lower rated developers 3. Video interview 5 developers and select based on experience and testimonials 4. Create fixed price project, payable upon completion When you find good reliable staff, you can use them for other projects so you don't have to go through the interview process again. I am happy to assist with this. Regards NDiaz
  5. NDiaz

    Clan ladder

    Clan ladder would really get things going, in RA1 too. Today we have our first ladder prize of $50
  6. NDiaz

    Play C&C To improve life!

    Mr Holland, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject, something which this week I have been considering. I agree with almost all of what you said, but some readers might understand that playing the game will help them reclaim consciousness, which is false IMHO. I am arguing here that playing the game with an untrained mind creates more attachments, which lead to emotions and therefore losing consciousness. Because lets be fair here, the aim of the game is to win, which is inherently an ego attachment. That said, it is certainly a challenge for the more aware to not become emotionally attached to the game, be it losing, winning or anything else which reinforces the ego. Personally and recently, as I begin to better understand the words you write, I am more inclined to think that more time spent doing anapana or breathe awareness and less time in competition is the way forward. I argued this with my ultra competitive swimming friend last night, but he couldn't understand. He gave up meditating after 1 month, and instead believes that he IS his achievements. Since your mind creates your reality, to improve your reality you need to start with your mind. NDiaz
  7. Yo guys, I've tried using archive.org to find the old westwood rankings for red alert 1, but can only find tiberian sun: http://web.archive.org/web/20001018094553/http://games2.westwood.com/tsun_ladder/ranking.html Can anyone help? I can't remember my old username, and it would be cool to see the old ladder and if anyone there is still playing... Cheers!
  8. NDiaz

    Red Alert Community and Future

    Likewise great idea photon, thanks for putting the work in. I'd love to see my favourite childhood game take off into the egaming pro leagues. I'll help by testing the effectiveness of facebook ads, something I've done a lot with selling t-shirts. And anything else I can help with, let me know. -Diaz
  9. NDiaz

    Windows 10 Fall Creators update issues

    Yeh fast fixes cheers Funky and team!
  10. NDiaz

    QuickMatch Ladder Testing

    I'll help
  11. Yeh some top guys were no doubt cheating like that, and d/c too. I mostly played path back in '97 for a year. Looking at Steeldart's ranking pic there, interesting to see Jjfjr at only 10 in the rankings with 9 losses, because he would go on to be 1 of the strongest ever according to Milo: "JJFjr proved himself to be better than everyone else still playing, beating me 8 to 1 in 1v1s and pretty much devastating the rest of the competition". But that was before cncnet came along, so wonder how he'd do now. Does he even know the game is back up and running?
  12. NDiaz

    Lag on unlimited ore maps

    Took me 3 hours to find the fan, gave it a clean and all's working fine now thanks! Dell vostro laptops are tough to clean!
  13. NDiaz

    Lag on unlimited ore maps

    Hey Funky and friends, how you doing? I've got a computer issue, if there's too much action in game e.g. too many units, the game lags (not in a jumpy way like connection lag, but a slow and smooth decrease in game speed). Do you know what I should be fixing? I have an intel core i3, 4gb ram, dell laptop standard graphics card. Is my computer just to slow :O Cheers Diaz
  14. NDiaz

    How many clans are there on CnCNet?

    Yeh there's lots of clans in RA, some of which aren't on the website. You don't need XWIS style clan organisation to make a clan official. It's just a group of players, sharing ideas, training each other and battling other clans.
  15. NDiaz

    Lag on unlimited ore maps

    Thanks for your message Funky, I'll give it a go.
  16. NDiaz

    Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

    snake passed the GMC with me and VoLKoV, please give him a medal
  17. NDiaz

    Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

    VoLKov passed the GMC with me and Fluffy, please give him a medal
  18. Yo guys, I did some .ini file research on tanks, but the numbers don't clearly show which tank does the most damage over time. Is it a simple maths calculation, or does the rate of fire follow a non-linear scale? ; light tank Damage=25 ROF=40 Range=4 ; medium tank Damage=30 ROF=50 Range=4.75 ; heavy tank Damage=30 (x2) ROF=70 Range=4.75
  19. Here's a link to my tank test for Germany, Spain, England and France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BFbMSPfyYI I think it's clear to see that the countries are not the same. For example, France is firing at a different rate and England has the weakest tank. I've reproduced this a few times with the same results. Germany always wins.
  20. NDiaz

    Case's Ladder

    New Cases ladder started here: http://www.myleague.com/redalert1/free-signup