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  1. Totally agree with Ford. As for your comment Lee, there were only a few players who knew about the double bind GQ. Now that it is nerfed, we are back to 2020. There is no issue.
  2. Ghost earned his recently and others have failed. If anyone want's a try, message me in lobby.
  3. Do you accept Stripe? Might be worth it.
  4. NDiaz

    Clan Ladder

    Thanks, let's see how it goes. A similar thread about clan ladders was started in 2018, with Grants detailed reply at the end. Yeh a volunteer or money needed.
  5. NDiaz

    Clan Ladder

    Here's a monthly league for starters. https://challonge.com/f52nuifb Most clans are in, some with a couple of teams. I limited it to 2 teams per clan to see how we get on. Let me know what you think...
  6. I found this ranking list: http://falcons99.tripod.com/top10.html Any old players here have thoughts on it?
  7. BAT P4 83.mprHi guys, I created the attached P4 training map in October 2018, and at the time it was working fine. But now for some reason, it is in aftermath mode even when aftermath is not ticked. It only seems to be in aftermath mode when 2 players play, but when I test it alone in skirmish or in CNCnet it is standard. I know that nobody has changed it, because I uploaded it to youtube: Does anyone know why this might be, and how to fix it? It's strange! Thanks Diaz
  8. Hey Grant, It's a good idea, worth trying. A percentage could also be used to support cncnet, or for new improvements. Even $1. I was talking with another long time player about a monthly subscription to fund a cash prize for tournaments. Even $1. Perhaps rephrase the poll: "How much cash would you add to a monthly ladder poll?" with a few options. Explain the benefits. Advertise it in the lobby. We think all the hard work you guys have put in is worth paying for. Regards Nate Diaz
  9. @FunkyFr3sh Thanks for this, the tournament has finished. My take away from these tournaments: The P4 tournament was done over 2 weeks, had more entries and stronger competition, but took a lot of admin chasing players up to play their games! The Ribbon tournament was done in a few hours with group stages so much easier to organise, but half the players didn't turn up.
  10. Hi guys, Register for the Red Alert Ribbon tournament: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2353533468923674624/registration/ Saturday April 6th 7PM UK Time @FunkyFr3sh Could you kindly make the bot post this message until 5pm 6th April? Kind regards and glhf Nate
  11. $10 donated, thanks for your hard work :).
  12. P4 Tournament Semi Final 1: https://youtu.be/BMTVgBN-zyQ Standings: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2235195394653405184/stages/2235205575782170624/
  13. The end result is a split decision here, however, due to the following factors the tournament must go on! - New registrations have not been received - The tournament should finish this weekend - I received more "No this is weird" votes in total via youtube and the lobby, than are displayed here. Croboys plays Robskate in the semis! Thanks for your participation in this poll. Nate
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to organizing tournaments and would like to put this to a vote. Some players are upset because they missed registration, so I put them on a waiting list. Players have now pulled out of the first round. Is it fair to allow new players into the first round? Note some 2nd round games have been played. Here are the results: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2235195394653405184/stages/2235205575782170624/ Kindly cast your votes Cheers! Nate
  15. Here's the latest results: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2235195394653405184/stages/2235205575782170624/
  16. If anyone wishes to help moderate these games, please reply below, or message me in the lobby.
  17. Hi all, Thought it's about time we have a tournament! Starting with 1v1 on map P4 for February 23rd, lasting 1 week. Let's see how this goes. It's a new platform, which I'm getting used to. Register here: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2235195394653405184/registration/ 20 players MAX first come first serve P4 tournament, prize of $50 value to be agreed with the winner. Good luck Commanders! [BAT]Nate Diaz
  18. Hi all, I'm developing a red alert training map (2 players vs ai), but can't work out how to allow "ally in game" with the a button. Does anyone know how to do this? Currently, players must choose the same team. Then if they accidentally hit the ally button, they can't ally back again. Thanks! Diaz
  19. Sounds good Grant. Credit where credit's due, you guys have done a great job on cncnet! I have already donated, but would donate more for a clan ladder. May I suggest a slightly different plan order: 1. Set up a gofundme page for the clan ladder with a ball park target 2. When the target is reached, advertise for a developer (consider upwork.com) I have a mobile app developer from upwork.com working for $10 an hour, doing a great job. The process was: 1. Create a job advert (100s will apply) 2. Weed out the lower rated developers 3. Video interview 5 developers and select based on experience and testimonials 4. Create fixed price project, payable upon completion When you find good reliable staff, you can use them for other projects so you don't have to go through the interview process again. I am happy to assist with this. Regards NDiaz
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