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FullRAPlusV3.03 wont run on Win7



I installed RA on Win7 today but when I try to run RAexe it gives me this error : "Unexpected error creating registry keys! Please contact Westwood technical support." I reinstalled over and over and still get this. If there's any solution please let me know, i need to know if this game can run on this laptop. 

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Ok I did this and now it gives me a insert disk error.


Edit: Now it works, i deleted the file "_RA95.LCF" insted of replaceing "RA95.LCF" with it. The only downfall is no online play.


Edit(2): color seems to go all crazy after about 15 to 20sec once mission/macth starts. I tired

leaving the adjusted desktop resolution open and set it to 256 color but it goes all crazy after 15 to 20sec.

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ehh.. _RA95.LCF isn't used by anything. RA95.exe is a launcher program that looks in the text file RA95.LCF to see which program it should run. The program to run is originally (in RA95.LCF) set to the Internet Components installer. the file _RA95.LCF contains the correct setting, in which it launches the RA95.DAT file (which is the real exe)


As for the weird colours, yes, that's a known problem in Windows 7. I think for RA, you can probably fix it by enabling 256 colour mode in the compatibility settings.

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